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The 6 Best LEGO Duplo Knight Castles – Guidebook

LEGO Duplo knight castles can offer your child a lot of fun because the assembly is child’s play and your child will not be overwhelmed by it. In addition, they can live out their imagination freely and invent, for example, small role-playing games. Whether knight fight or princess castle – your child can decide for themselves in which direction the game should be steered.

We have compiled a checklist of things you should consider when buying a LEGO Duplo knight’s castle. Our product recommendations will also help you find the right knight’s castle for your child.

Checklist LEGO Duplo Knight Castles

Age Recommendation
  • The manufacturer’s age rating is a good indicator for figuring out which LEGO Duplo knight castle is best for your child.
  • Duplo bricks are twice the size of regular Lego bricks. They are specially designed for the age group of< 1.5 to 5 years.
  • Therefore, LEGO Duplo knight castle sets do not contain
  • The number of parts contained in the sets is also adapted to the above-mentioned age group. After all, your child should not be frustrated or overtaxed during assembly and play.
  • The bright colors, the child-friendly design, and the easy-to-grip and plug-in building blocks and play figures train your child’s perception, imagination, and motor skills.
  • LEGO duplo has different sizes of knight castles available: Starting from the carriage set to the functional castle with many figures .
  • While the small sets are good to take along on trips or visits to grandparents, the extensive castle sets are suitable for permanent construction in the home nursery.
  • The great thing about LEGO duplo knight castles is that your child can expand and combine them with other duplo sets as desired.
Interaction And Accessories
  • LEGO duplo knight castles are equally suitable for girls and boys. While girls favor role play as princesses and enjoy the horses, boys enjoy adventurous knight fights and action-packed castle conquests.
  • Moving parts or simple built-in mechanisms increase the fun and create many realistic play situations.
  • Your children will especially enjoy the mechanical catapults, cannons, train gates and collapsing walls.

We have collected the best and most interesting LEGO duplo knight castles.

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The Best Sellers Of LEGO Duplo Knight Castles

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular LEGO duplo knight castles for you.

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Current Offers On LEGO Duplo Knight Castles

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FAQ LEGO Duplo Knight Castles

What is a LEGO duplo castle?

A LEGO duplo castle is a castle, but it is not built with the traditional LEGO bricks. Instead, the bricks are enlarged so that your child can not choke on small parts when he is still a little younger

From what age is a LEGO duplo knight’s castle suitable?

LEGO duplo bricks are suitable for children from 1.5 to 5 years. They are easy to grasp and can also be safely put in the mouth, as they do not contain any harmful substances

What accessories are available for the LEGO duplo knight’s castle?

There are a variety of accessories for the LEGO duplo knight’s castle. For example, small figures or horses can be purchased. Depending on the theme world, you can also buy cannons, a carriage or a dragon. Therefore, it is possible to combine as many different sets as you like

What is available from LEGO duplo?

There are many different LEGO duplo theme worlds. For example, you can buy a farm with numerous accessories or, among other things, a police station. It is also possible to buy sets of LEGO duplo bricks

What is the size of a LEGO duplo castle set?

There are different sets that can be of different sizes. You can therefore buy a complete knight’s castle with accessories or purchase small individual sets (for example, a carriage with figure and horse). Note, however, that if you buy a large set, your child will have enough space to play.

How can LEGO duplo be cleaned?

LEGO duplo bricks can be cleaned with lukewarm water. However, make sure that the water is not too hot. For stubborn dirt, on the other hand, you should use a sponge and carefully remove the dirt.

What skill does LEGO duplo support?

With LEGO duplo bricks, your child can improve his motor skills. He can rearrange the bricks again and again and thus test different possibilities. In doing so, he can freely express his creativity and train his language skills in role-playing games, among other things. It also gets a feel for shapes and colors

How old is LEGO Duplo?

LEGO Duplo has been around since 1967 and the LEGO duplo logo is particularly striking. This consists of a red rabbit and was developed in the late 70s, as LEGO duplo would be considered an independent brand from then on

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