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The 7 Best Frame Saws – Guidebook

Frame saws are tools with various applications. With a frame saw you can cut to length, trim, slit and set down. This makes the frame saw almost a universal saw. At the same time, the fine saw blade allows you to perform precise detail work.

We have compiled the most important data, functions and selection criteria for the frame saw for you in our checklist. In the product recommendations, we have also compiled the best frame saws, in which you are sure to find the right one for you.

Checklist For Frame Saws

The Different Variants
  • Frame saws can havendifferent saw blades. Therefore, they can be divided into different classes. There are fist saws, slitting saws, tail saws, set down saws, and shearing saws that you can use for different jobs. Some saws work on tension, others with pressure. You should therefore check exactly what you need the frame saw for before you buy it.
  • The fist saw has large and widely set teeth. It is ideal for edging lumber. However, it is only suitable for cuts in the direction of the grain.
  • The rip saw with its wide blade is perfect for grooves and tenons, but unfortunately you can’t make round cuts with it.
  • The tail saw masters curved shapes effortlessly with its narrow teeth, but cannot make straight cuts.
  • The downcut saw has a fine distribution of teeth and is the perfect solution for tines and dovetails. It can saw very deep and across the grain .
  • The Schittersaw is designed for rough work. Whether for cutting firewood or boards to length, it handles these tasks brilliantly.
The Saw Blade
  • You should always have the right saw blade on hand for any job. Normally, you can easily change the blade on a frame saw. So you don’t need a new saw all the time. It is enough to buy the appropriate saw blade.
The Blade Width
  • The blade width determines how maneuverable the saw is. With a wide blade you can make very good straight cuts, if you want a curved course, you should reach for a narrow saw blade. The width of the saw blades varies between approx. 300 mm for curved cuts and approx. 600 to 700 mm for robust straight sawing.
The Toothing
  • Japanese frame saws usually work on tension, while European saws usually require you to push through the wood with pressure. With a pull saw you can make finer cuts, with a push saw you can exert much more force. Ideally, you’ll be able to use both push and pull with the saw.
  • The width of the teeth tells you how precisely and quickly you can work. Tooth widths with less than 3.5 mm are suitable for finer woodworking, coarser tooth widths are perfect for fast and powerful sawing.

We have compiled the best and most interesting rame saws. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Frame Saws

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular frame saws for you.

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Current Offers Of Frame Saws

You can find the best current offers on frame saws in this list.

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OLSON SAW SF63523 3-Inch Jewlers Saw Frame
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FAQ About Frame saws

What types of rack saws are there?

There are different types of frame saws: The fist saws, slitting saws, tail saws, set down saws and Schittersägen

What length for frame saw?

Frame saws vary in length from 300 to 700 mm. The length does not affect the quality of the work. But the shorter the blade, the more maneuverable and less bulky the saw

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