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The 6 Best Watchmaking Tools – Guide

With your own watchmaker tools you save yourself long waiting times and high costs at the repair service. Once you have an overview of your tools, this is easier than it seems. Before you buy a watchmaker’s toolset, you should be aware of the individual purchase criteria, so that you also get the right tool.

Our checklist will help you keep an overview, while our product recommendations will provide you with the best watchmaking tools.

Checklist For Watchmaking Tools

Areas of Application
  • You use watchmaker tools to perform maintenance and repair work on small-scale objects such as watches, models and cell phones.
  • This may include changing batteries, changing straps on watches, opening cases, checking gaskets and the like.
  • The case back opener allows you to break open cases up to 50 mm, so you can do your work in the following steps.
  • Various screwdrivers including numerous variations of torque, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers allow you to perform precise precision work.
  • A capping machine helps you disassemble and assemble components.
  • Finally, you use a capping mahine to finish the work process by securely reattaching the housing.
  • To keep the workpiece and the tools clean, watchmaking tools also include cleaning cloths.
Buying Criteria
  • Keep an eye on the price-performance ratio, if too few tools are included, but the price is relatively high, you should rather fall back on another set.
  • At the same time, the tool should be made of high-quality material, such as metal, and have non-slip and sturdy handles.
  • For transport and storage, the watchmaker tool should be equipped with a case or pouch.

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FAQ About Watchmaker Tools

How to use watchmaking tools?

Watchmaking tool sets include various tools for a wide range of tasks. Some tools are designed to open the case, others to do the work inside and others to close it again.

Watchmaking tools – what for?

The case knife is responsible for loosening the case. Spring bar tools, screwdrivers and the like allow you to easily work on the small internal parts. A sealer or an O-ring will close the watch again.

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