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The 16 Best Gaming Desks – Guidebook

As a real gamer, you need a lot of space for all your accessories. That’s where a gaming desk comes in handy, in addition to the right chair, computer, etc. With a wide range of different models and types, the table can be optimally adapted to individual needs and location.

With the help of the checklist and product recommendations, you can find the best gaming desk for you or your child. Have fun gaming!

Checklist For Gaming Desks

Table Shape
  • You can find gaming desks in many shapes and designs.
  • Tables with square table tops are suitable for small rooms. These are inexpensive and offer enough space for standard equipment with screen, keyboard, and gaming mouse.
  • You can find rectangular gaming desks with widths between 100 and 150 cm and depths between 50 and 90 cm.
  • If you want to place the gaming desk in a corner of the room, corner or angle desks are the best choice.
  • There are also tables in special designs like a kidney-shaped tabletop. Such gaming desks look good freestanding in the room.
  • The most popular material for gaming desks is wood. Scratch-resistant and sturdy, wooden desks can withstand all gaming maneuvers.
  • Glass gaming desks are eye-catching, but their surface can hinder mouse function if a mouse pad is not used. Also, glass is susceptible to scratches and can break.
  • Apart from wood, you can also find durable gaming desks made of plastic or metal.
  • Gaming desks differ from regular desks by their features.
  • When buying, look for holes and rails for cable management and sockets.
  • Pull-out shelves or compartments for keyboard, pens or the beverage cup ensure order on the tabletop.
  • A gaming table that is also used as a desk should also have compartments or drawers for storage.
  • If you spend several hours in front of the PC, you should attach importance to ergonomics of the equipment: Choose a gaming desk that is height-adjustable.
  • Devices for drinks or headsets are also practical.
  • You can findsmall gaming desks from about 80 euros.
  • The price is determined by size, material and equipment.
  • If you have extensive gaming equipment, you need a desk with at least the standard dimensions mentioned above. You’ll find one for 200 euros and up.
  • If the price plays a subordinate role, a custom-made desk is also worthwhile for the perfect gaming space.

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FAQ About Gaming Desks

How high should a gaming desk be?

The best models are height-adjustable. A height between 60 and 90 cm is optimal. You can find more information about this in our guide.

What do I need for a gaming room?

In addition to a gaming desk, a gaming chair or armchair and a computer setup are appropriate. All this will create a pleasant atmosphere and more comfort. Feel free to check out our guide on gaming desks.

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