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Cybex Gold Solution S-fix Child Seat – Guidebook

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Cybex Gold Solution S-fix Child Seat – Guidebook

The Solution S-fix is comparatively inexpensive and also fits super in slightly smaller cars. Nevertheless, parents do not need to compromise on safety and comfort.

Cybex Gold Solution S-fix

The Cybex Gold Solution S-fix child seat perfectly adapts to children’s height with tiltable and 12-position height-adjustable headrest. This prevents the child’s head from tipping forward during the ride. Autix seat from Cybex has a ventilation system and is perfectly air-conditioned even on long trips.

Children are secured with the practical 3-point harness and the built-in LSP system ensures a high level of safety in the event of a side impact. The Solution S-fix is very light at 6.2 kg and can therefore also be quickly attached in other vehicles, for example for trips with grandma and grandpa.

Product Features

  • Group 2/3
  • suitable from 15 to 36 kg
  • from approx. 3 to 12 years
  • Isofix fastening system
  • 3-point harness
  • Linear side impact protection (LSP system)
  • 12-position height-adjustable headrest
  • tilt adjustable headrest
  • Air circulation system
  • Dimensions: 40,5 x 50 x 61 cm
  • Weight: 6,2 kg


✅ Group 2/3

✅ very light at 6.2 kg

✅ comparatively narrow child seat

✅ tilt-adjustable headrest

✅ 12-position height-adjustable headrest

✅ 3-point harness

✅ Isofix fastening system

✅ Air circulation system

✅ good price-performance ratio

✅ available in 7 different colors


❌ none