This is a craft that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and reminded me of my childhood. As a child, we did crafts like this at school and at home. I can still remember the smell of melting crayons.

How to Make a Shamrock Suncatcher

Shamrock Suncatcher Craft


Crayons – a few shades of green and yellow

Pencil sharpener

Wax Paper



Ironing board


Hole puncher

Hook to hang the suncatcher up with


First you will need to shave all the crayons down. You may be surprised at how few shavings one crayon makes. Set the shavings aside.

Set up your ironing board. Lay down a thick towel (one that you don’t mind getting ruined). Cut off a piece of waxed paper about 12″ square and lay it on top of the towel.

Pace the darker color shavings on the outer edge of where you think you will later cut out the shamrock. It’s hard to tell how the colors may move and blend, so you may want to plan ahead and put down more shavings than you think you will need.

Make the layer of crayon shavings fairly light. Remember this is a suncatcher, so we want the final product to be able to let the sun through.

Layer the darker green on the outside, then lighter green and then yellow on the inside.

Place another sheet of waxed paper on top and then another towel. The towel on top should be fairly thin (like an old tshirt). This too will probably get ruined, so don’t use your favorite old shirt.

Lay the hot iron on top of the towel or t-shirt and slowly move it around. It may take a few minutes for all the crayons to melt. Keep moving the iron around and peeking at your progress. When all the crayons are melted, let the page complete cool off.

When the page is cool, cut out your shamrock. Then punch a hole at the top and add your hanger. I used an old Christmas ornament hook.

I hope you liked this St. Patrick’s Day craft. Did you make one of these as a kid too? Let me know over on Facebook.

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  1. Samantha @ Stir the Wonder
    March 8, 2015 at 1:35 pm (2 years ago)

    This is so cute! I can remember making these in school too! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you join us again next week!


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