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The 7 Best Massage Rollers – Guide

Have you been sitting at the computer for too long and are now completely tense? Surely you have often thought about doing something about it. But sometimes it is not so easy to find the right product. After all, it should be tailored to your own body and really provide relief. You don’t want to aggravate the pain. You certainly can’t go wrong with a massage roller.

So get active and take a look at our checklist. Then you can relax and browse through our product recommendations to find the perfect massage roller. This way, your pain will quickly be a thing of the past!

Checklist For Massage Rollers

Function And Use
  • Function: With the help of a massage roller, you can relieve tension in a targeted manner and do not necessarily have to visit a physiotherapist.
  • The cause of your pain and discomfort is usually agglutinated fasciae (strands of connective tissue), which surround your body like a second skin. With a massage roller, you can quickly eliminate discomfort in the area of the back, shoulders, or thighs.
  • How to use: To massage your body with the massage roller, position the roller under the area you want to work on. Then use your own weight to roll over the massage roller with pressure and thus massage the area.
  • The use of the massage roller brings long-term success only if it is used regularly. It is recommended to use it 6 days a week.
  • This regular practice can bring you significant benefits. You will get rid of pain and tension, you will always be in motion and you will prevent the fascia from sticking together.
  • The risk of injuries also decreases, because flexible fasciae can better absorb stronger loads.
  • The massage roller should not contain any harmful substances as you come into contact with it.
  • Accordingly, it should be skin-friendly and made of high-quality plastics.
  • Cork is a pleasant material, as it is very easy to clean and does not harm your skin.
Hardness Level
  • As a beginner or a person sensitive to pain, you should first opt for a softer roller.
  • Harder rollers , on the other hand, are more suitable for athletes or people who do well with pain.
  • There are also sets of different rollers and balls to buy.
  • Many manufacturers assign a certain degree of hardness to certain colors. You should definitely pay attention to this when buying.
Structure/ Coating
  • You can choose between smooth or massage rollers with nubs. Similar to the previously mentioned hardness, as a beginner you should first choose the smooth surface.
  • The foam of the massage roller should be of high quality, otherwise, it can quickly deform. Likewise, it is important that it is not too hard and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it depends on your own needs and interests whether you choose a firm or flexible foam.
  • Not every massage roller is suitable for all bodies. After all, you want as many sore fasciae on your body to be included as possible. 30- 34 centimeters are reasonable for this, but more muscular people or people with broad backs should rather tend to a massage roller 34-36 centimeters long. Smaller rollers with about 20 centimeters, on the other hand, are more suitable for smaller parts of the body.
  • A good massage roller does not always have to be expensive, because the price range is wide. On average, it costs between 10 and 300 euros.

We have compiled the best and most interesting massage rollers. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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FAQ About Massage Rollers

What is a massage roller?

The massage roller is a training device that you can use to relax your muscles and loosen stuck fasciae. It is available in different colors and degrees of hardness and can therefore be adapted exactly to your body.

For whom is a massage roller suitable?

Basically, everyone can use a massage roller. As a beginner, however, you should make sure that you do not use a roller that is too hard. It can be used especially well for back pain and help you overcome your pain.

What types of massage rollers are there?

There are many different types of massage rollers, which differ in material, hardness and structure. Depending on your ailments or training needs, it is up to you to choose the right product for you and your body.

How does a massage roller work?

By applying pressure and counter-pressure, you can relax your muscles in the legs, back, neck and arms. In order to get to know new exercises during your training sessions, there are numerous videos that show you the exact procedure of an exercise. Here you can get inspired and find units that suit you and your body.

What does a massage roller cost?

An exact price cannot be given here, because it depends on the supplier, material, structure and size. A set with several parts is usually more expensive. However, a massage roller usually costs between 10 and 300 euros.

Where can I buy massage rollers?

You can buy a variety of massage rollers either online or in selected specialty stores. Take a look at our product recommendations, there you will already find some massage rollers in different price ranges.

How often should a massage roller be used?

Ultimately, it is up to you how often you want to use the massage roller. However, you should always give your body time to regenerate and only then continue your exercises. However, it is recommended to use the roller 6 times a week with firm pressure so that the pain subsides.

What alternatives can be used to the massage roller?

If your pain is no longer tolerable because you are using the massage roller incorrectly or you don’t notice any difference, you can always consult a physiotherapist who can safely relieve your tension with the right treatment.

Which massage roller is the right one?

There is no general answer to this question. It is important that you compare the individual models (for example, in our product recommendations) and choose a massage roller that can ultimately alleviate your complaints and also fits the size of your physique.

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