Benefits Of Supplementary Hospital Insurance – What You Should Know

Probably our most important asset is our health and accordingly, everyday tricks for preventive health care are on everyone’s lips. However, most of these are primarily aimed at preventing diseases and other ailments.

However, full preventive care also includes positioning oneself accordingly with regard to the best possible health care

After all, especially when we become seriously ill or in the event of a life-threatening accident, it is not just a matter of alleviating pain, but often a matter of life and death. At the same time, the benefits provided by conventional statutory health insurance basically correspond only to a kind of basic care, such as maternity care. For example, patients with statutory health insurance are taken directly to the nearest contract hospital, where they are admitted to a multi-bed room and are also only allowed to enjoy the treatment of the ward physician on duty. The best possible care by a senior or even chief physician is the exception rather than the rule

This is by no means meant to imply that those with statutory health insurance are inadequately cared for, but even as a patient with statutory health insurance, the circumstances of health care can still be actively improved somewhat: This works for example by the conclusion of a hospital auxiliary insurance

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Supplementary Hospital Insurance – What’s Behind It!

Although such supplementary inpatient insurance cannot directly alleviate the pain that those affected have to endure in the course of a serious illness or accident, it does offer the insured a variety of advantages with regard to a stay in hospital. Such insurance policies, which incidentally are among the second most popular supplementary policies after supplementary dental insurance, are offered by numerous insurers

For example, Deutsche Familienversicherung’s supplementary hospital insurance offers various customized rates that can be tailored to individual needs. Deutsche Familienversicherung was founded in 2007 and is thus one of the younger representatives of the industry. The insurer, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, has therefore always relied on digitized implementation of its business processes. This also benefits the insured, who do not have to deal with annoying paperwork when they are ill. The insurer, which has around 170 employees, offers rates for supplementary inpatient insurance without a waiting period

Nevertheless, many insured persons keep asking themselves the specific question: What are the benefits of supplementary hospital insurance?

Probably the most important advantages of supplementary inpatient insurance are the freedom to choose the hospital, treatment by a head physician, and accommodation in a single or double room. Patients with health insurance, for example, would only be accommodated in a multi-bed room as standard. Who would like itself however more peace and privacy and a two and/or even a single-bed room to refer would like, this can do only against a sensitive surcharge. In the case of supplementary insurance, these additional costs do not apply

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In addition, one has the possibility to select the respective hospital specifically in order to be treated by the desired chief physician, who is known, for example, as a specialist for a certain ailment. The additional costs for these services, which are otherwise only available to privately insured patients, are reimbursed after the hospital stay. Furthermore, the usual daily hospital allowance, which amounts to ten euros for those with statutory insurance, is also waived, as are the costs for the use of communication and multimedia devices

Possible Rates For Supplementary Hospital Insurance – What The Packages Include

At the sight of these nevertheless considerable auxiliary achievements the question arises for many completely justified: What costs a hospital auxiliary insurance? The amount of the monthly premium for such a supplementary insurance depends specifically on the illnesses or accidents for which it is to be effective, on the pre-existing conditions and age of the insured, as well as other influencing factors.

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For example, in the case of more favorable tariffs, insured persons are only entitled to the scope of benefits of the supplementary insurance if the damage to health is caused by external factors. This includes circumstances such as any accidents, burns, frostbite or even chemical burns.

If the benefits of the supplementary insurance are also to apply in the case of serious illnesses such as meningitis, stroke, cerebral infarction or tumor, then the monthly premiums will increase somewhat

The packages of the highest price level take effect against it with all illnesses and offer the insurances in addition the possibility, within highest five days the treatment by a specialized specialist.

However, anyone comparing rates should also read the fine print and the ancillary agreements. For example, some tariffs do not offer any age provision. Young insureds in particular benefit from this at the beginning of the contract term. The catch, however, is that you have to reckon with significantly higher costs as you get older. In the case of packages with an age provision, the premium to be paid is initially somewhat higher, but reserves are formed to mitigate price increases in old age

Which package is ultimately right for you should always depend on your personal wishes and circumstances.

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Worldwide Insurance Coverage Without Waiting Period And Obtaining A Second Medical Opinion

When taking out this type of supplementary insurance, insured persons should also always pay attention to when the respective benefits take effect. As a rule, insurers offer these without a waiting period, i.e. the contractually defined benefits take effect from the effective date on which the contract was concluded

Supplementary hospital insurance policies usually also offer their policyholders a telephone health service. In addition to information on the respective insurance cover, insured persons can also clarify individual medical information and organizational matters relating to their hospital stay here. In addition, these 24-hour hotlines also offer the possibility of obtaining a second opinion or further explanations of the diagnosis and the associated treatment options. Many supplementary insurance policies often offer their policyholders worldwide protection: in addition to medical, inpatient and dental acute care, the benefits also include the costs of return transport to a German hospital. The condition for this is, of course, that it is medically necessary

Such supplementary hospital insurance is not a must in order to ensure adequate medical care. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve significantly better conditions for and around the hospital stay, especially for those with statutory insurance

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