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The Best Sellers Of School Bags From Herlitz – Advisor

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The Best Sellers Of School Bags From Herlitz – Advisor

Every child needs a suitable school bag at some point. This often presents parents with a great challenge, as numerous manufacturers now offer a wide variety of models. Among other things, the satchel from Herlitz is also very popular, because it protects the back of your child and is available in many great designs.

To help you find the right school bag from Herlitz for your child, we have compiled a checklist for you that provides you with all the important information. With the help of our product recommendations, you will certainly find what you are looking for quickly so that your child can soon enjoy a great school bag.

The Bestsellers Of The School Bags From Herlitz

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular satchels from Herlitz for you.

Checklist For School Bags From Herlitz

Herlitz School Bag Checklist

  • Herlitz offers a total of five different school bag models: SoftFlex, Loop, Midi, Ulitmate and UltraLIght.
  • Each model is available to you in a great color and motif selection.
  • Herlitz has made sure that the different models meet different requirements and needs.
  • The UltraLight, for example, is characterized by its light weight of less than 750 g. The Loop is also pleasantly light with a tare weight of less than 1 kg. The special feature of the Midi, on the other hand, is its slim cut, which makes it particularly recommendable for children with narrow shoulders.
  • Herlitz school bags are equipped with special reflective material (e.g. in the front and side areas), which increases visibility in the dark.
  • Additionally incorporated is fluorescent material in bright signal colors, which ensures good visibility during the day and at dusk.
  • Reflective seams or a reflector incorporated in the magnetic or click lock can also further increase visibility and thus safety.
  • The school bags are all equipped with an ergonomically shaped back padding, which also has breathable properties.
  • Individually adjustable back systems allow the satchel to be adapted even better to its wearer.
  • The continuously adjustable proactive back system allows the satchel to be individually adapted to the child’s back and growth. Integrated into the Herlitz Motion.
  • ERGO ES² system is an ergonomic back system with 3-stage height adjustment. This allows the satchel to grow with the child’s size. Integrated into the Herlitz Flexi.
  • All models have adjustable shoulder straps and height-adjustable chest straps for improved load distribution.
  • To relieve back strain, the Motion has pelvic straps that shift some of the weight from the shoulders to the back, upper pelvic area.
  • A clearly arranged compartment layoutmakes sense.
  • In addition to a spacious inner compartment with integrated book pocket (the Ultimate has 3 inner compartments), the Herlitz satchels also have side pockets, an extra compartment in the lid flap or front pockets, depending on the model.
  • Many of the models are already available as a complete set with other school accessories such as slackers, bread box, sports bag and student case.
  • Herlitz also offers various school bag accessories for separate purchase.

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Current Offers Of School Bags From Herlitz

Here you can find a collection of current offers on school bags from Herlitz.

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FAQ About School Bags From Herlitz

What is a satchel?

A satchel is worn on the back and is used to store school books, exercise books, pencil case and lunch box.

How much does a satchel from Herlitz cost?

A satchel from Herlitz is quite affordable in terms of price compared to other manufacturers and costs around 60 to 100 euros, depending on the model, size and design.

What are the different satchels from Herlitz?

Herlitz offers many different models. For example, the satchel Softflex contributes to more stability with a chest strap and a removable hip belt. But also the other models have special straps, so that your child can adjust the satchel individually to himself. They also have a comfortable back padding, which is breathable. In the case of the Herlitz Flexi, the back padding can even be adjusted to the size of your child again and again, so that he or she can wear the satchel for many years. It is possible to choose between the other models Loop, Midi, Ultimate and Ultra Light.

How heavy is a satchel from Herlitz?

This usually depends on the particular model. However, the Ultra Light school bag is the lightest, as it has a net weight of only 750 grams. But also the model Loop is recommended, because this also weighs only 1 kilogram when empty. If your child is very petite, he should go for the Midi satchel. This is designed for such a physique, so that your child should not get back pain too quickly due to the high load.

What material is a satchel from Herlitz made of?

The satchels from Herlitz are made of tear-resistant polyester fabric. This is done according to the information from Herlitz in careful handwork. The sturdy locks, on the other hand, are made of metal and can be easily opened or closed with the help of a click mechanism. In addition, all models are water-repellent and undergo quality and safety tests at regular intervals

How is a school bag from Herlitz constructed?

Every satchel from Herlitz has a specific compartment layout. Three inner compartments are ideal, because your child can store books and his pencil case so neatly. In the side pockets, on the other hand, it is possible to accommodate the water bottle or an umbrella. Many models also have a small compartment at the front of the satchel, where your child can store a key or other small items. An extra timetable compartment ensures that your child always knows exactly when he has to attend which lessons.

What accessories are available for a school bag from Herlitz?

Many models can be purchased as a complete set. Note, however, that such a set is usually more expensive and can cost between 100 to 130 euros. The set usually includes a lunch box, pencil case or gym bag. These accessories also match the design of the chosen satchel. So your child can be happy about a uniform set! Of course, you can also purchase accessories separately later.

How much can my child store in a school bag from Herlitz?

The satchel from Herlitz offers enough storage space, as most models have a capacity of 16 to 18 liters. However, your child should not overload the satchel, otherwise it can cause back pain in the long run.

How safe is a satchel from Herlitz?

The Herlitz satchel has reflectors on the click lock and on the material, so that your child is well seen even in the dark. These luminous stripes are also made of high quality, which is why their function is not limited by scratches or damage.