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  9. The 9 Best Children’s Shoes From Richter – Advisor

The 9 Best Children’s Shoes From Richter – Advisor

The 9 Best Children’s Shoes From Richter – Advisor

Children’s shoes should be chosen correctly so that your child feels comfortable and health is not harmed. The brand Richter is quite ahead of the game and offers great shoes. What you should still consider and how to make the best decision, tells you our checklist. Further down, the product recommendations also contribute to a good choice.

Checklist For Children’s Shoes From Richter

  • Children’s shoes should be about 1.2 cm longer than the child’s feet.
  • To determine the right size, you can measure your child’s feet. Always measure both feet while standing. Not only the length must be measured, but also the width of the foot at the ball of the foot is important.
  • Shoes must fit snugly at the heel and instep, but not constrict.
  • Do not buy children’s shoes without first trying them on.
  • If you are unsure whether the shoe will fit your child, you can remove the insole from Richter shoes and hold it against the child’s foot. This way you can better assess how well the shoe fits.
  • Take your time when buying shoes. Let the child wear the shoe for a while and also run and romp in it.
  • Do not rely on the thumb test. Many children will pull in their toes if the shoe is too small. Also, the child’s statement should be taken with a grain of salt – little ones often can’t feel if the shoe really fits.
  • Children’s shoes must be robust and waterproof, but also breathable. That’s why Richter uses insoles made of leather or natural felt.
  • Waterproof shoes are usually made of leather, but now there are also many high-quality synthetic materials.
  • If your child is to wear the shoe in winter, make sure that it is properly lined. Besides lambskin, shoes made of fleece also have good warming properties.
  • Richter shoes have a flexible sole, which nevertheless has a deep profile – so your child does not slip so quickly.
  • In order for your child to enjoy the shoes longer, they must be stable. Children’s shoes from Richter are reinforced at the heel and toe caps, so the shoes do not tear easily in these places.
  • Make sure that the shoes have a simple and practical closure. Your child should be able to put on and take off the shoes independently. This is best tested when buying shoes.
  • Velcro or zipper is useful for small children, elementary school children can also wear shoes with laces.

We have compiled the best and most interesting children’s shoes from Richter. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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FAQ Kids Shoes Richter

How do Richter children’s shoes turn out?

Customer reviews show that Richter children’s shoes are relatively snug fitting. It is therefore recommended to buy your child’s normal shoe size.

Children’s shoes: What size?

To determine the appropriate shoe size, you should measure your child’s foot, for example, with a tape measure. Online you can find some shoe size calculators where you can enter the foot length to get the right shoe size. Also remember that when buying children’s shoes, there should still be about 1 – 1.5 cm growth allowance in the shoe.

Which children’s shoes do orthopedists recommend?

Here you can find children’s shoes that orthopedists recommend.

Children’s shoes too big what to do?

If the children’s shoes are too big, you can, for example, put a thicker sole or two soles in them. There are also pads that are glued into the heel and give the foot better support. The last option is to leave the shoes until they fit.