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The 9 Best Rollerblades For Children – Guidebook

Your child really wants to ride rollerblades? Then you should make this wish possible for him/her! Here your child is active and has a lot of fun at the same time, because driving on rollerblades can be learned relatively quickly, even for younger children. But especially in the early days, it is very important that your child is sufficiently protected from injury.

To help you find the right rollerblades and the right safety accessories for your child, we have compiled a checklist for you. In this you can inform yourself about all the important features of rollerblades for children. Our product recommendations will then help you make a concrete purchase decision.

Checklist For Rollerblades For Children

  • Rollerblades is another term for inline skates. That is, the wheels here are arranged in a row one behind the other.
  • There are different types of wheels. Outdoor wheels are suitable for use on the street. They are made of plastic or rubber compound.
  • Rollers made of plastic are hard and sturdy, but on the road they are also very noisy and have faster damage from stones.
  • Rollers made of a rubber compound are somewhat more flexible and come in different hardnesses. This allows you to see how fast the rollers can go.
  • Indoor rollers are also called indoor rollers. They are used when your child trains with the rollerblades in the hall.
  • They have a soft rubber compound and therefore do not slip away on the indoor floor.
The Shell Of The Rollerblades
  • An influence on the comfort of the rollerblades has the shell.
  • There are models with a shell made of plastic and models made of fabric.
  • Plastic provides high stability for the foot.
  • Fabric is much more flexible and pliable.
  • Here it depends on what your child finds better on the foot.
  • A buckle closure is only possible with a shell made of plastic.
  • Fabricmodels usually have laces.
  • For a safe ride, the rollerblades should always be equipped with a brake.
  • The rollerblades should be able to adjust to the foot as well as possible. This can be done with buckles and also with laces.
  • Make sure you have the right accessories for safety. This includes the helmet, but also the protectors for the arms and legs and hands.
  • The roller bar must be screwed tightly. Before each ride, check that it has not loosened – for example, due to a fall.
  • Rollerblades for children must fit properly. They are offered in the common sizes and are usually available from size 27/28.
  • If your child is between sizes, you should always opt for the larger version.

Here you can find the 9 best rollerblades for kids.

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Current Offers Of Rollerblades For Kids

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FAQ For Rollerblades For Kids

What are rollerblades?

Rolerblades can be described as a type of shoes, in which usually four wheels are arranged in a row. Rollerblades are also often referred to as inline skates and are used for recreational purposes. They are suitable for both children and adults.

Rollerblades in what size?

Rollerblades should be purchased in the same shoe size that your child wears in regular shoes. You can usually buy them from size 27/28. So that the shoes fit as tightly as possible, the Rollerblades should have Velcro closures or laces.

Which Rollerblades for beginners and / or children?

At the beginning you should choose Rollerblades with slightly larger wheels. With these, your child can initially ride easier and does not get stuck in grooves or edges. In addition, you should always check whether the Rollerblades fit, so that your child does not slip out and possibly fall as a result.

Rollerblades from when for children?

Basically, there is no prescribed age for this. If your child wants to learn to ride on rollerblades, he or she is welcome to practice. However, your child should already have a certain sense of balance, so that serious falls can be excluded. Therefore, you should always consider the personal development of your child.

What accessories are available?

So that your child is well protected at all times, your child should always wear a helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads. In this way, you can ensure that your child does not injure himself more seriously in the event of a fall.

How can my child learn to rollerblade?

First, your child should be able to stand securely on the rollerblades and keep his balance before he starts riding. Then they can try to lift one leg at a time and roll with it. It is important that you support your child at first and hold him or her so that he or she can do the first exercises without falling. Later, they will be able to master curves or small descents.

What material are Rollerblades made of?

The wheels of the Rollerblades are either made of plastic or a rubber compound. Plastic is well suited for riding outside, but they quickly show damage from stones. You can buy a rubber compound in many different hardnesses. However, pay attention to whether they are suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The shell of the rollerblades is usually made of plastic or fabric.

How can safety be guaranteed?

Check regularly if the rollerblades show any damage. If this is the case, you should think about a new acquisition of the rollerblades. The rollerblades must also always be securely screwed so that injuries can be ruled out.

How much do Rollerblades cost?

Rollerblades can cost up to 70 euros.

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