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The 8 best RC cranes for children – guidebook

Cranes and construction sites have been inspiring children for years. If these are also remote controlled toys, the fun is almost unstoppable. RC cranes for children

are the optimal idea!

We will help you find the right product for you and your child with our checklist and direct recommendations

Checklist for RC cranes

Age recommendation
  • RC cranes are available for different age groups and in different sizes.
  • RC cranes for toddlers pique interest with bright colors, funny faces, lights and sounds, and simple functions like raising and lowering the hook.
  • Older children, ages 6 and up, will want to recreate a real construction site. The RC cranes can then sometimes drive, turn, load and unload.
  • When buying also consider the age recommendation of the manufacturer and also the individual development stage of your child.
Design and quality
  • RC cranes are made of plastic, sometimes metal. Metal is more durable, but heavier than plastic.
  • RC cranes can be 50 centimeters and larger.
  • Forindoor or outdoor.
  • The smaller your child is, the sturdier the RC crane must be constructed. Thin struts or a small remote control can easily break if played with carelessly.
  • RC cranes for toddlers under 4 years old should be lightweight and preferably made of only a few, large and sturdy parts.
  • Young children do not need a complex remote control, flashing lights and sounds are often enough for them.
  • Older children enjoy realistic looks, a remote control, real functions like turning, lifting and lowering, driving, warning lights and real construction site sounds.
  • From the age of 5, 6 years, children play more carefully. Then the construction of the RC crane may also be more delicate, if your child is no longer playing so tempestuously.
  • Accessories that the crane can load and unload are welcome. Small children will be satisfied with a hook with a bucket and colorful building blocks or balls, while older children will find “real” building materials such as boards and stones made of wood or plastic more appealing.
  • The test seal from TÜV or the GS mark (tested safety) give you an indication of whether the toy is suitable for children.
  • Electrical components should be particularly well secured , especially in RC cranes for small children.
  • Make sure that RC cranes for small children do not contain any small parts that can be swallowed or that small parts can break off easily!

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