You Know It’s Time To Upgrade Your Nail Polish Style When …

Confession time: I’m a nail polish hoarder. I have some nail polish from when I was in high school which is an embarrassingly long time to keep nail polish. I even still have all my nail supplies in the same pink bag from my college days. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your nail polish style and accessories, like me?
You Know It's Time To Upgrade Your Nail Polish Style When ...

It got me wondering how long nail polish really stays good for. Is it like a French braid that never goes out of style or a side pony which should really be erased from memory? Or is it like washing your sheets – you know you should probably do it more often.

Technically, nail polish won’t actually “go bad”. But there is a point in a nail polishes life where you simply must move on. When is the right time to get rid of nail polish?

Let’s discuss …

A new you

It’s time to change it up your mommy style a little. If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, you should give it a go. They send you a styled look directly to your front door and you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. The best part is that they will probably send you things you never thought you would like in a million years that ends up looks fabulous on you. When you have on new clothes, you are definitely going to want some new nail polish to go with it! You might even want to try a crazy new design on your nails, like this matte rose and jeweled design.

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Get out of the 80s
You’ve used these colors every year for 10 years. Time to try something new.

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Quit kidding yourself

One of the things you can do to make nail polish last longer is to add nail polish remover. When it starts to get clumpy, just add a little polish remover to thin it out a little bit. It won’t solve the problem forever though and it’s really just the beginning of the end. So you might as well stop kidding yourself and let it go now.

The yuck factor

There comes a time in a nail polish’s life where it gets clumpy and yucky. It won’t spread smoothly onto your nails. You may have already added nail polish remover to it and made it last an extra year or two, but that time has passed. Even if it’s your favorite color, take this as a sign that it’s time to let go. You don’t need to struggle with clumpy nail polish, just go get some new ones.

You Know It's Time To Upgrade Your Nail Polish Style When ...

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Quality over quantity

Spend the money. Even if you can’t afford all new nail polish right now, start slow. One quality nail polish is going to be a lot more meaningful than 4 cheap nail polishes that you will end up hating and never wear. So, get the quality stuff.

It’s time to grow up

Stop shopping in the kids aisle already! I know you do it too, because I do it. Kid’s polish is cheaper and comes in those tiny, cute little bottles. Or maybe you have little girls, so you justify the purchase because it’s for them and not you. Kid’s nail polish isn’t meant for adults, so grow up and get some new polish for yourself.

Let me know your favorite nail color and polish brand in the comments.

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