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The 10 Best Pencil Cases For Children – Guidebook

The start of school is approaching? Then a pencil case is of course part of the equipment. In it, pencils, erasers, etc. can be organized and thus also found quickly. Some models offer additional compartments with space for lucky charms or other small items. Even before school, a pencil case at home can be useful if your child is creative and likes to draw.

Our checklist and product recommendations will help you make the right decision, so that nothing can go wrong and you are guaranteed to find the best pencil case for your child.

Pencil Case Checklist

Order in the satchel
  • Pencil cases create order in the school bag with the help of small compartments and rubber bands.
  • In them, your child can easily store and transport pencils, rulers, erasers, compasses and everything else he or she needs for school.
Pencil case or pencil case
  • There are different types of pencil cases.
  • Classically, a pencil case is a hinged case, equipped with rubber bands, so that each utensil gets a fixed place in the pencil case.
  • The pencil case, on the other hand, is an elongated bag with a zipper on the upper side, in which the writing utensils are stored unsorted.
  • An important criterion for pencil cases is the right size.
  • It depends on how many writing utensils your child needs at school.
  • If your child loves colors and different types of pens, then a larger pencil case is often a good option. This way, all the pens he or she would like to take with them will find a place in the pencil case.
  • Of course, the design also plays an important role in the purchase decision.
  • Your child uses his pencil case almost every day and therefore naturally wants to have a pretty and “cool” pencil case, with which school is directly much more fun.
  • There are pencil cases in all colors and with various motifs: Patterns, animals, princesses, famous movie characters and much more is printed on pencil cases.
  • Often pencil cases are also offered to match the school bag.
  • The selection leaves nothing to be desired.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular pencil cases.

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The Best Sellers Of Pencil Cases

We have compiled the most popular pencil cases for you in this bestseller list.

Tip: Scout school bags are always a good choice.

Current Offers For Pencil Case

Here you will find a selection of current offers in the Pencil Case section.

FAQ about pencil case

What has to be in a pencil case?

Pens and various writing utensils for school must be in a pencil case. What exactly is included depends on your child’s class. At the beginning of the school year, your child will usually receive information from the school about what they will need for the school year. A fountain pen, pencils, a ruler and an eraser are included in any case.

What’s in a pencil case?

All writing utensils belong in a pencil case. Your child will find out exactly what is in the pencil case at the beginning of the school year. Basically, a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and various colored pens belong in a pencil case.

Why is the pencil case called a pencil case?

The name pencil case or pencil case comes from the fact that people used to keep their pens in it.

How do I clean a pencil case?

First you should clean out the pencil case and remove the rough dirt. It is best to clean the pencil case with a slightly damp cloth and a mild soap solution.

How do you make a pencil case yourself?

You can sew a pencil case. However, it will then be more of a pencil case, because otherwise it would have to be reinforced everywhere and rubbers are used.

Pencil case: Which brands?

Pencil cases are often available from the same brands as a school bag. For example, Scout, Ergobag and Step by Step.

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