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The 8 Best Xoomy Sets – Advisor

The 8 Best Xoomy Sets – Advisor

With the Xoomy sets from Ravensburger your child learns to draw easily. Ravensburger offers an extensive catalog of over 250 motifs, so playing with Xoomy is by no means monotonous. In addition, the so-called “painting suitcase” can be easily taken along, so that your child always has something to do even on longer trips.

In our checklist you will find all the important information about the Xoom sets. Also check out our product recommendations, where you’ll find an overview of the best sets.

Checklist For Xoomy Sets

  • With Xoomy sets from Ravensburger, your child learns to draw motifs and comics in a fun way.
  • Xoomy sets are available for both boys and girls . Of course, there are no rigid limits and which set you buy should depend on the preferences of your child.
  • Available motifs include pirates, animals, unicorns and elves. Motifs based on movie characters are also available. For example, there are “Frozen” or “Looky” sets.
  • Unfortunately, motifsets are not available separately, but only as part of an entire painting case. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to buy additional templates as you wish. If you are creative , however, you can try to make your own.
  • Ravensburger offers a total of over 250 motifs in the Xoomy range.
  • According to Ravensburger, Xoomy coloring sets are suitable for children 7 years and older. For younger children, the motifs and the way they work may still be too complex.
  • Under 3-year-old children should be kept away from your Xoomy set because of small parts that can be swallowed.
  • The Xoomy set can be stored in a space-saving painting case and taken anywhere. It is therefore also ideal for travel, for example, as a pastime on the plane.
  • The equipment of your set consists of a light table, instructions, an LED zoom lamp, 20 motif templates, a black felt-tip pen and 10 white drawing sheets.
  • With the zoom lamp, motifs can be enlarged by up to 200%.
  • All components of the set have a fixed place in the case . Thus, everything can be stowed away without slipping or getting lost afterwards.
Dimensions and weight
  • The Xoomy drawing case has practical dimensions of 19.9 x 8 x 23.7 cm. It is therefore very handy and fits easily into a backpack or bag.
  • With a weight of 400 g, it is also easy for children to transport.
  • Ravensburger also offers a Xoomy-XXL drawing table. This measures 21 x 21 cm. The normal sheet size (Xoomy Midi) is 10, 5 x 10, 5 cm.
  • The drawing surface as well as the paper template have a square format. This can be considered annoying because new paper, if you don’t want to buy the expensive square one, either has to be trimmed or overhangs.

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The Best Sellers Of Xoomy Sets

In this bestseller list, we have compiled the most popular Xoomy sets for kids for you.

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Current Offers Of Xoomy Sets

Here you can find a collection of current offers on Xoomy sets for kids.

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FAQ About Xoomy

What is Xoomy?

Xoomy is a drawing table for children from Ravensburger.

How does Xoomy work?

Xoomy consists of three components: an LED magnifying glass, a foil printed with a motif and a light table with a transparent overlay for drawing. To draw, paper is first placed on the surface of the drawing table. In a second step, the printed foil is slid onto the LED magnifier. In the last step, the LED magnifier is held under the paper so that an image appears on the paper, which can now be traced.

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