Tying A Sling: How To Wrap It Correctly

"A sling offers many advantages for a baby. On the one hand, you can transport your child safely and the little one has a place of retreat. In addition, you have your baby very close to you, but at the same time your hands are free.

Tying A Sling: Practice Makes Perfect

Admittedly: In the beginning, it often takes a few tries to tie the sling. With a little practice, it will get easier each time. A wrap sling is quite large overall. Depending on the wearer’s build, it can be up to six meters long.

Tip: The first time it is advisable to have a second pair of hands for support. Once you have internalized the technique, you can easily tie it on your own.

Tying The Sling In Three Steps

There are different techniques to tie the sling. In just three steps you will learn how to tie your sling!

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First Step

In the first step you should prepare the sling. To do this, lay the sling out in front of you. Then put it around you according to the tying technique. Important: It must not be twisted and must fall loosely. Now continue tying it in the chosen tying variant.

Second Step

In the next step, place your baby over your shoulder (not too far above) and carefully let it slide into the sling from above. The baby should be held securely while doing this.

Third Step

Then you repeatedly check whether your offspring is sitting properly and tighten the binding. The folds are pulled smooth and then you tie everything tightly. If you need to tighten the sling again, lift your baby slightly.

Sling Checklist: Is The Baby Secure?

When you have wrapped your baby in the sling, you should check once again whether it is really comfortable and secure. If you can still touch your baby’s head with your mouth, the height is optimal. The baby should also not hang down on you, but sit with the back of the knees at a 90 degree angle to you.

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The following questions can also help you to determine whether the baby sling fits properly:

  • Does the sling reach the back of your baby’s knees?
  • Do you feel pain in the neck or shoulder area?
  • In the cold seasons: Could the baby be cold? Especially in winter, make sure that your baby is dressed warmly enough. Your body heat is not enough as a source of warmth.
  • Could the child overheat? In summer, a bodysuit under the baby sling is sufficient for the baby. If the temperature is too high, it is better not to use the sling at all.

If you answer yes to any of the questions, you should tighten the sling again and smooth out the wrinkles. Alternatively, you can tie the sling differently.

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