This felt Santa cover is an inexpensive neighbor gift that can be used to cover a lot of different gifts. I used it to cover a Butter Braid and a wine bottle. My daughter’s preschool had a fundraiser earlier in the year for Butter Braids, so we ended up with a few more Butter Braids than we really need. In case you don’t know what a Butter Braid is, they are these amazing bake at home pastries in a lot of different flavors. They are completely delicious!

If you are looking for a fundraising opportunity for your school, these are a great product and I have heard good things about working with the company. Check them out here.

Felt Santa Neighbor Gift Cover

Things you will need:

1 Green felt sheet

1 Red felt sheet

1 White felt sheet

8 cotton balls or craft puffs

2 googly eyes

Hot glue gun and hot glue (or maybe fabric glue)

Print out the felt Santa pattern below.

Printable Felt Santa Pattern

Click on the picture and download the PDF file, then print at home.

Once you have all the items you will need, cut out the Santa beard, hat and smile from the pattern. Use the cut out pattern to place over the felt and cut out your pieces. Cut out the beard from the white felt. Cut out the smile and the Santa hat from the red felt. Leave the green felt uncut.

Wrap the green felt around the item you are covering (the Butter Braid, wine bottle, etc.) and hot glue the edge on top. Next, place Santa’s beard at the top, level with the top of the green felt. Then hot glue the red Santa hat about a half an inch on top of the beard at the top.

Now the fun part – hot glue a puff on the end of Santa’s hat; about four puffs along the edge of Santa’s hat; and three puffs along the edge of the green felt to act as buttons.

The final step is to hot glue Santa’s googly eyes on and add his smile.

The entire project took about 15 minutes and probably cost about $1-2 for the supplies.

DIY Felt Santa Neighbor Gift Cover

What else could you cover with a felt Santa? Post your pictures on Instagram and tag @practicalmommy.

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