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The 7 Best Cotton Candy Machines – Guidebook

Your own cotton candy machine is the highlight of every child’s birthday party. It also provides sweet fun for in between. We have compared the best cotton candy machines and listed the top 7 for you. You’ll also find a comprehensive checklist and other helpful product recommendations.

With our guide, you can decide today and soon enjoy dreamy-sweet cotton candy. Mhh, delicious! Because cotton candy doesn’t just please kids. Have fun!

Cotton Candy Machine Checklist

Cotton Candy Production
  • Your machine should prepare the cotton candy in less than 10 minutes and allow several uses in a row without long cooling periods.
  • Pay attention to the wattage: the higher the power, the faster you’ll get your cotton candy.
  • Avoid machines with less than 500 watts.
  • Professional machines present themselves with a power of 1200 watts or more.
  • Most machines allow you to make cotton candy from granulated sugar and whole or crushed candy.
Bowl Diameter
  • The shell diameter determines the volume of the cotton candy ball.
  • If you only want to produce small quantities occasionally, a bowl diameter between 20 and 30 centimeters is sufficient.
  • If you want to produce larger quantities with your cotton candy machine or even use it commercially, you will need a large bowl of 50 centimeters or more.
Splash Guard
  • There must be a splash guard above the bowl to prevent the hot sugar strands from being ejected.
  • The protective rim or dome also serves to ensure hygienic preparation of the cotton candy.
  • Choose a machine made of particularly robust and heat-resistant material.
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean and remains rust-free.
  • If you attach importance to a chic design of your cotton candy machine, you will find models in different colors, in retro look or on wheels, for example.
  • Make sure that the bowl can be detached from the device. This makes cleaning easier.
  • In addition to the splash guard , cotton candy machines should come with at least enough sticks to roll up the cotton candy.
  • Wooden st icks should be disposed of after use.
  • Plastic sticks can be reused after cleaning.
  • Some machines also include a measuring spoon for adding sugar, as well as colored sugar or food coloring.

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Current Offers For Cotton Candy

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FAQ For Cotton Candy Machines

How much sugar goes into a cotton candy machine?

How much sugar to use for making cotton candy in the cotton candy machine depends on the type and size of the device. Therefore, one should always consider the manufacturer’s specifications. It is interesting that many overestimate the amount of sugar, as a rule, a few grams are enough, for example, a tablespoon.

How much does a cotton candy machine cost?

Cotton candy machine prices vary depending on features and size. Small and simple versions are sometimes available from about 35 euros. However, there are also entire sets or larger and more extensive machines for over 500 euros.

How does a cotton candy machine work?

When sugar is heated, it turns into syrup. This is strongly agitated in the machine, so that when it cools, fine threads of sugar are created, which can then be served.

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