Calculating With Your Fingers Can Help

A researcher in the USA found out in July 2016 that calculating with fingers is not so bad. A certain part of the brain is activated and this helps to solve the arithmetic problem faster.

Do Not Let The Teacher Admonish You

Maybe you know this situation. In math class, the teacher wants you to solve a math problem. You set to work, using your fingers to help you count. The teacher sees this and says to you that you don’t need fingers for mental arithmetic. Then you can now say that this is not true and can tell him about what this researcher has discovered.

Part Of The Brain Is Activated

This researcher has found out that when calculating with the finger, the part of the brain is activated that is otherwise only responsible for the fingers alone. It is astonishing that this already happens if one imagines the fingers only mentally. So you don’t even have to really do it with your fingers, but just imagine it. And the researcher then found in tests that children can solve the task much faster this way. That’s cool. Or what do you think?

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