Can Ebola Be Prevented Now?

Perhaps you can remember the terrible news from Africa, when many people there died of the disease Ebola died from the disease. Now it seems that researchers have developed a vaccine that can help against Ebola.

First Test Is Successful

This new vaccine has now been tested and was quite successful in this test. All those who were vaccinated with the new substance did not contract Ebola. This result gives hope, because in West Africa since the end of 2013 very many thousands of people had been infected with this very dangerous Ebola virus. Unfortunately, it did not remain alone with this infection, because every third of them even had to die from it. Ebola is so dangerous because this virus spreads very quickly in the body. Through the spit of the person or through the blood it advances very quickly in the body. Anyone who has been infected with it has had to hope that their Defenses are strong enough to defeat the virus because there was no medicine against it yet.

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Many More Tests Are Needed

The discovery of the new vaccine is very important. Until now, the only way to prevent Ebola from spreading was to quickly separate the people who had become infected from the healthy people. But with this vaccine, there is now hope. So far 4000 people have been vaccinated with it and none of these people has been infected with Ebola. But one cannot be sure yet because of this. For this, many more tests are needed before we can finally know if this substance helps against the Ebola virus.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Ebola is caused by the Ebola virus. This virus is very aggressive and spreads very quickly in the human body. Whoever is infected with it gets a high fever and very many people have to die from it.

As Defenses is the term used to describe the human immune system. This immune system is the defense system of man against viruses, bacteria, and many other harmful substances. These defenses are to protect the health of man.

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