More Protection For Children From Schools

There is now to be more protection for children in Germany in front of schools, kindergartens, and daycare centers. After lengthy deliberations, politicians have now decided that drivers should only be allowed to drive at 30 km/h in these areas.

Road Traffic Regulations Need To Be Amended

However, in order for this speed limit to be introduced as quickly as possible, the Road traffic regulations must first be amended. This limitation to 30 km/h has become urgently necessary. In front of many schools or kindergartens in Germany, there is not yet a speed limit, and drivers who drive by very fast are a constant danger to children. Maybe there is already such a speed limit in front of your school, but this is really not the case in front of every school. The responsible traffic ministers of all federal states agree that more protection must be created for children here.

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The Way To School Must Become Safer

Your parents will certainly be happy about this because this measure will make road traffic safer for schoolchildren. But old people must also be protected. They can no longer cross the street so quickly, often hear poorly and therefore cars are often too late or they can no longer see well. That’s why, in the future, cars will only be allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour in front of senior citizens’ homes. I think that’s good. And this is what you think about it?

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

The Road traffic regulations StVO is a book with many laws. In this book, all rules for road traffic are described. It says, for example, where you can park, how fast you can drive on which roads, and also all the traffic signs that exist are described in the Highway Code.

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