Nail Care For Babies: What All You Need To Consider

Nail care – not so easy with baby and toddlers, but necessary. The little fingernails grow quickly, if they become too long, scratches are preprogammiert with you and your child.

Cutting The Fingernails In The First Weeks

For about the first four weeks after birth, it is not necessary to trim your child’s nails. You should start as soon as you notice that they are getting too long.

Trim your child’s nails twice a week and check the toenails as well. Nails should always be kept short and round.
Toenails should be straight to prevent ingrowns.

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Avoid Injuries

It can happen quickly: The child fidgets, the scissors slip, the fingertip bleeds. To avoid this, you should wait for an opportunity when your baby is as calm as possible.

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The best time to cut nails is when your child is sleeping. After bathing is also a good time, as the nails are softest then. If you want to cut your baby’s nails when he or she is awake, ask someone present to hold your baby while you do it. Alternatively, you can have your child distracted.

Suitable Instruments

The most common instruments for nail care are scissors, clippers and files. Use ones that are specifically designed for young children.

Baby Scissors

Nail scissors should be made of stainless materials and have rounded ends.
The handle should be large enough for you to hold easily, while the cutting surface should be smaller than usual.

Nail Clippers

As an alternative to scissors, you can use a clipper. This can be placed on the finger so that the tip is pushed a little away from the nail.

Nail File

A file is suitable for smoothing protruding edges. Be careful not to damage the skin.

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How To Proceed If You Have Cut The Fingertip

If you do accidentally cut your child’s fingertip, keep calm. This happens to many parents. Rinse the cut with cold water.
Then wrap a tissue around your baby’s finger and hold it tight.
This will stop the bleeding.

A bandage for your baby is not ideal. It will probably come off quickly and become a choking hazard if your baby puts his finger in his mouth.
If the wound doesn’t stop bleeding, see a pediatrician.

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