Reflectors Are Very Important

Especially in seasons when it is still dark in the morning on the way to school are Reflectors very important.

Clothing With Reflectors

In the morning when you are on your way to school, it is usually still dark. This means that there are some dangers lurking in traffic, especially for children. Especially when it is foggy or raining. Visibility is then very poor for many drivers and children, in particular, are often seen very late when they cross the road. That’s why clothing with reflectors is a great thing. On this clothing, the light is reflected back and a car driver can then see you better.

ADAC Clarifies

The ADAC has made a measurement of how long it takes a motorist to come to a stop after braking. If you are a child with dark clothes on the way to school, then the car driver can only see you at a distance of 25 meters. That may sound like a lot, but it’s not. Do you know why? In most cities, a car is allowed to drive 50 km/h on the road. You’re on your way to school and you’re crossing the street. The driver sees you when you are 25 meters in front of him and he brakes immediately. But at a speed of 50 km/h, if he braked hard, it would take him 28 meters to come to a stop. So you see that this breaking distance is too long.

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Light-Colored Clothing Can Help

Therefore, light-colored clothing or clothing with reflectors can help drivers see you sooner. For example, a neon-yellow high-visibility vest or bright reflective stripes on your jacket would be great. Reflectors can also be stuck to your school bag and help you to be seen earlier. What about you? Do you have such clothing? If not, talk to your parents about it.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Reflectors throw back the light. Especially you know them from the bicycle or other vehicles. But reflectors are also important on clothing because they allow drivers to recognize you earlier. Reflectors are available for sticking or ironing onto clothing.

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