Threat To The Rainforest In Indonesia

Every year in Indonesia, the world’s largest island kingdom, hundreds of hectares of tropical rainforest is destroyed by fires. Every day, forest areas as large as 4,600 soccer fields disappear in Indonesia. These fires do not start by themselves but are man-made. Employees of large corporations start fires there to plant oil palm plantations. Environmentalists drew attention to this again yesterday, Tuesday.

The Companies Are Too Greedy – And Besides Nature, The Animals Suffer From It

Palm oil is in many of the products we consume, for example in chocolate or margarine, but also in care products such as shampoos and body creams. The more we consume, the greater the destruction of these vital paradises. The tropical rainforest in Indonesia is the third-largest rainforest in the Wet. Exotic animals like rhinos, elephants, Sumatran tigers, or orangutans are at home here. In addition, the rainforest is home to hundreds of unique bird species, spiders, monkeys, exceptionally beautiful and unique flowering plants, and much more, which are now threatened with extinction and have to fight daily for survival.

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In addition, rainforests are natural carbon stores and thus significantly counteract climate change. Thus, not only animals but also humans depend on the existence of the rainforest. In the whole world, there are very few countries and regions that have such biodiversity as Indonesia. Therefore, activists of different environmental organizations have been fighting for years to stop this bad development. The activist’s campaign for strict regulations in the palm oil industry. But you can also help to counteract this development by looking at food and care products before buying whether palm oil is included and in case of doubt rather do without and switch to an alternative product.

Explanation Of Difficult Words:

A Hectare is a unit of measurement for a large area. One hectare is the equivalent of 10,000 square meters.

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