You Suffer From Constant Fatigue? This Could Be Behind It

Constant fatigue affects more and more people. You feel exhausted, are constantly tired and could spend the whole day in bed? In addition, you can’t sleep at night and lie awake for hours. This can have different causes, which you need to get to the bottom of. Here you will find all the information you need to know.

What Is Behind Constant Tiredness?

An adult needs between 6 and 8 hours of sleep, depending on his or her constitution and personal sleep requirements. Exceptions prove the rule, but not many people except Napoleon get by on just 4 hours of sleep.

If you are constantly tired and exhausted, you should first check your rhythm and consider whether you are sleeping enough. If the constant fatigue occurs abruptly and in combination with aching limbs, there may also be a disease behind it.

Most women are always tired even during pregnancy. After the birth it does not get better and you will still be constantly tired in the first weeks.

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When Tiredness Does Not Go Away Even Through Sleep

In most cases, a capful of sleep helps against constant fatigue. However, this only works if you are healthy. If you are tired because of a disease or a deficiency, the problem will go away only after the basic problem has been solved. If you suffer from fatigue during pregnancy, it is a normal condition and not a cause for concern.

The fact is that your body wants to tell you something and make you aware of something wrong. Take the signals seriously, because this is the best way to get to the bottom of the ongoing fatigue.

You Are Tired? Your Body Wants To Tell You Something

Constant fatigue is primarily a sign of an increased need for sleep. Are you sleeping enough or do you feel listless with frequent yawning and aching limbs? Then there could be a more serious cause behind it.

Infections, inflammations, but also organic diseases bring constant fatigue and a flu-like feeling as a side effect. Before you worry too much and develop fears, you should listen to yourself and check since when you are constantly tired. Now check whether something has changed in your life since then.

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Tip: If the constant tiredness is associated with the time change that happens twice a year, you don’t need to worry. This is also normal, because your body needs up to 3 weeks to change its biorhythm.

Constant Fatigue And Aching Limbs As A Sign Of Overexertion

Are you busier than usual at work? Are you under stress in your private life or are you having trouble with your partner? Mental overexertion can also make you tired and lead to symptoms similar to those of a cold. If you overstrain your soul, the symptoms become physical.

This means that your body sends you a cry for help through constant tiredness and headaches as well as aching limbs. Allow yourself more rest and eliminate the reason for the overwork. In most cases, this will solve the problem and you will no longer be tired.

Tired And Exhausted: Are You Sleeping Enough?

Before all other checks you should control your sleeping behavior. If you lie awake for hours at night or have trouble falling asleep, the cause is already clear. If you are always awake at night, you will always be tired during the day.

You can do without a drug treatment to restore your internal clock. You should have your thyroid gland and hormone levels diagnosed. Many women are often tired during pregnancy.

In addition, pregnancy dementia can also develop. This will pass. Try to sleep at night and not worry too much about the change in your life. Most of the time this solves the problem and the tiredness stops.

Vitamin Deficiency And Anemia Make You Tired

Low blood pressure or anemia cause tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also be a reason for your constant tiredness. Here, a blood test at your family doctor can help and show you the cause.

If you are always tired, try a balanced diet, plenty of daylight and more exercise than before. For anemia, iron-rich foods such as beet or, for example, spinach and green peppers can help.

Constant Fatigue As An Accompanying Symptom Of Serious Diseases

If constant fatigue is not associated with pregnancy or other life changes, you should not postpone medical diagnosis. Aching limbs and always being tired despite sufficient sleep are symptoms of various diseases.

For example, a malfunctioning thyroid gland, a problem with the liver or kidneys, and a weakening of the immune system due to infections or inflammations can be to blame.

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What To Do When Fatigue Doesn’t Go Away

You have no stress. You are happy in your partnership. You sleep well and long enough. You get up in the morning with motivation, but it disappears in the first hours of the day. Your resilience has decreased and you are more irritable than before.

If you feel tired all the time and have aching limbs, there is often a more serious reason behind it. If you can’t find a reason why you are tired, a doctor can almost certainly help you.

Stress Reduction: Stress As A Reason For Constant Tiredness

Are you stressed, overburdened by too much work or mentally battered? Then constant fatigue may be the reason. There are many options for stress reduction. You can do autogenic training or yoga, treat yourself to fixed time-outs and, above all, cell phone- and Internet-free times.

In today’s digitalized world, stress is a social problem due to constant availability. Time for yourself is the motto that will reduce your fatigue and give you a new quality of life.

Exercise In The Fresh Air Against Constant Fatigue

Cross your heart: It’s been raining for days and you haven’t really been outside? Then get over your inner pig dog, because daylight and fresh air are the breeding ground for a healthy sleep.

Little movement, long TV evenings on the sofa or continuous surfing on the Internet create mental stress and burden you more than you think. Find a reason to go for a walk or arrange to go jogging with a friend. You will see: It’s not only when the weather is nice that an outing in the fresh air is fun.

These Diseases Are Manifested By Constant Fatigue

If nothing helps and you continue to be tired all the time, there may be an underlying illness. Constant fatigue, fever and aching limbs indicate an infection and a weakened immune system. Hormonal imbalance due to a sick thyroid gland is also a possibility.

Kidney and liver problems are also associated with the fact that you are constantly tired and not fit even after several hours of sleep. No guesswork will help here. A complete blood count will provide information and clarify the cause of your listlessness.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Many people suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. However, very few people are aware of their condition and simply feel tired all the time. You need to know that the thyroid gland controls your hormone balance and in case of dysfunction it favors numerous symptoms.

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The constant tiredness, but also aching limbs and faster irritability can be related to a thyroid problem.

Liver And Kidney Diseases

Rather less common, but still worth mentioning, are diseases of the liver and kidneys. These organs regulate the metabolism in your body. If they do not function properly, the metabolism can slow down. This, in turn, manifests itself as constant fatigue without you feeling any pain in the diseased organs.

Only at a much later stage do visible symptoms appear. A quick diagnosis is important in the case of diseases of the liver and kidneys, as immediate treatment is necessary.

Limitations Of Heart Function

Cardiac dysfunction only affects older people. That’s what you think – just as many other people have exactly this thought. But the reality is different. A slow or out-of-step heart can cause constant fatigue, headaches, aching limbs and listlessness.

You don’t feel your heart pumping less blood to your body and brain. A doctor will quickly find out if you are tired because of a disturbance in your heart rhythm.

Vitamins And Daylight Will Make You Feel Better

You don’t have to think about serious illnesses every time you feel tired. Even if you always feel tired, the causes are usually simpler. The diagnosis at the doctor’s serves primarily to exclude a disease.

The most common cause of constant fatigue is found in your diet. Do you like to eat fast food or other greasy and vitamin-poor meals? Then it is not surprising that you are constantly tired and feel drained.

Vitamins are essential sources of energy and replenish your batteries. Even a daily walk or outdoor sports will make you happy and make the tiredness disappear from your limbs.

Constant Fatigue, Aching Limbs And Additional Symptoms

Basically, you need to listen to yourself and recognize the signals of your body. If constant fatigue occurs solitarily, you will find the reason in your diet or simply in too little sleep. If you also have aching limbs or fever, infections and inflammations may be the cause.

Are you strong and always tired for no apparent reason and out of nowhere? If there are additional symptoms such as headaches, anxiety or other restrictions on your quality of life that were previously completely unknown to you, the problem may be hormonal.

Your body transmits any problem to your brain. There it is transformed into a signal – for example, into constant fatigue or aching limbs.

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Check Lifestyle Habits And Stress Levels

How much stress do you have? What lifestyle habits and daily rituals do you indulge in? Do you work more than you used to or has something else serious changed? All these can be reasons for constant fatigue with or without aching limbs. The bad thing about stress is the fact that it is only noticed when you are under a lot of strain.

You would be amazed if you knew how many people are constantly tired due to stress they are not even aware of. As already mentioned, digitalization is a common reason for more stress. We are always available, receive a lot of information and don’t know how to process it all.

A very simple measure helps here: turn off your cell phone occasionally. Allow yourself moments in the real world. Create a time every day that belongs only to you and in which you can’t be reached by anyone. Your stress will decrease and your constant tiredness will also decrease.

Constant Fatigue: Is Burnout Behind It?

Surely you have heard of the widespread disease burnout. Formerly described as a managerial disease, the ultimate fatigue now affects every social class and age group. If you suffer from burnout, constant fatigue is a daily companion.

In addition, there is usually deep sadness and listlessness. A reason is not recognizable, so that Burnout remains undetected for a long time. You can easily find out for yourself whether you are affected.

Do you feel overworked, stressed and overstrained? Then your constant fatigue can be a very clear symptom of burnout – or the direct path to burnout.

Constant Fatigue: Just Sleep?

Unfortunately, it is not always that simple. If you are tired more often or even every day and do not suffer from sleep disorders, there may be another cause. Your family and friends think you should just sleep in and you won’t be tired anymore.

This is only partly true. Because sleep can only help if it is responsible for the constant tiredness in the form of a deficiency. In case of organic or mental influences that make you tired, you can only get fit again by eliminating the causes.

If all tips and tricks don’t help or the constant tiredness doesn’t come alone, seek advice from a doctor. Because if you are tired and have aching limbs, the causes can be very different and can also be of a more serious nature that requires treatment.


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