Self Care Toolkit

Welcome to the 7 Day Self Care Challenge

My friend Dr. Jen Riday created an awesome free resource called the Self Care Toolkit for Busy Moms. Instead of working on it alone, we’re all doing this together as a 7 day challenge.

Our challenge will start on Thursday, March 16th through Wednesday, March 22nd.

Don’t worry if you sign up after Day 1! I’m going to include links to the previous emails and you can jump in the Facebook Group anytime.

Step 1 – Download and print the Self Care Toolkit for Busy Moms

Step 2 – Sign up below to receive a daily email of the challenges

Step 3 – Join the Facebook Group to follow along

Step 4 – Get ready for some personal breakthroughs

7 Day Self Care Challenge

Our 7 Daily Self Care Challenges

Day 1 – Thursday 3/16 – What energizes you

Day 2 –  Friday 3/17 – What are the “shoulds” in your life

Day 3 – Saturday 3/18 – What “shoulds” are worth keeping

Day 4 – Sunday 3/19 – Establish a morning routine

Day 5 – Monday 3/20 – Setting healthy boundaries

Day 6 – Tuesday 3/21 – Establish a strong support network

Day 7 – Wednesday 3/22 – Breakthroughs

Sign up for the Challenge!

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