The 1 Investment That You Will Never Regret!

If you’ve ever asked the neighbor to sit with your napping kids while you make a quick Starbuck’s run, you know the power of investing in yourself. 

For about five bucks, you can grab a little boost of energy in a cup that gets you off your behind and motivated to get the kitchen clean—or to dive into that furniture repurposing project you’ve been putting off for weeks. 

You’ve been telling yourself that the coffee is the investment, but all along, you’ve been the one washing the dishes and painting the nightstands—making something happen with the energy you have in your cup. 

You are the investment. You have the potential to make things happen. 


The power of investing in yourself

The truth about your latte is that it doesn’t always do the trick. Sometimes you get to the bottom of that cup and just want more. Maybe it’s not enough to shift the perspective of your situation this time. So you prop your feet up and watch another episode of The Bachelor while the babies are sleeping.

Did the coffee fail you? Doubt it 😉. (I love my coffee… )

But maybe you drove off before you realized the baristas made you a mocha instead of a macchiato. It wasn’t what you were expecting so you gave up before you started. 

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Listen. The investment is what you make of it. 

When you invest in yourself, instead of investing in a product, course, or beverage, you can always get back a return because you realize that the return depends on your level of commitment rather than the product’s ability to deliver on its promises. 

You can always learn something new

What are digital products and services?

When I was learning how to make money with my blog, I invested in lots of courses and digital products to help me learn the ins and the outs of blogging for profit. 

Not all of them were “as advertised”. Frankly, I was disappointed with some of them. 

But because I was investing in myself, I determined to learn something from those courses regardless. And I always did—even if it was to know better for next time.

Sometimes I was happy with my purchases. But in both situations, I learned new skills from the courses, gained confidence through coaching programs, and/or improved my mindset.

The key is to always be learning and growing.

When you are investing in yourself – you will never regret a single investment because it keeps you moving forward toward your best self.

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It may not be an immediate return

When you choose to invest in yourself, it’s important to remember that you might not see a return right away. Starbucks yes. You can always bet on caffeine to give a pretty immediate return. 

But I’ve invested in coaching, outsourcing, digital courses, etc., and I didn’t always start benefiting right away. 

Digital products that make money

If you’re looking for a digital business crash course, you may be disappointed.The thing about investing in courses is that there’s usually a lengthy process to seeing a return. 


  • The initial investment of your money
  • The time it takes to go through the information 
  • The time it takes to put it all into practice 
  • The mistakes you make along the way
  • The time you spend diving back into the material to gather what you missed
  • And finally, you’ve used what you’ve learned and you see the fruit of your investment

It’s a gradual return that depends on your commitment to yourself and to the course. 

Coaching for busy moms 

Coaching can be a powerful tool that gives you knowledge PLUS accountability, but it takes you choosing to invest in yourself to see a return. 

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Common misconceptions: 

  • A coach will make you implement 

You might hire a super motivating coach, but she can’t do anything for you if you’re not on board. 

  • The most popular business coach is the best one

You might feel like you have to hire the coach that everyone is talking about. But really, it comes down to finding a coach whose personality meshes well with yours and whose teaching style matches your learning style. 

  • The perfect coach is out there

Okay, this one might be true, but it doesn’t take a perfect coach to bring about real results. It just takes you buckling down and taking action, even if that action isn’t perfect. 

Outsourcing to keep growing

I’ve invested in virtual assistants and business managers and other hires to help me keep growing my business. And even that isn’t an immediate return. 

When you hire someone to take over a backend task, you still have to:

  • Figure out where you need the most help
  • Shave down the process of your task so you can pass it off
  • Work out the kinks of having someone help
  • Be okay with letting someone go when it isn’t working out
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There’s always a learning curve when it comes to outsourcing. But in the end, you’ll be better at it. All the time spent actually doing it is experience you’ve invested in yourself. 

You can invest in yourself every day

Investing in your personal growth and mindset isn’t just an occasional thing. Would you just drink your coffee once a month? Not me! 

When you invest daily, you’ll build up compound interest on those small decisions that strengthen your resolve or build your confidence or shift your mindset. 

That’s why I created the Positivity 365 Bundle just for you—with 365 DAILY positive affirmations. 

You get access to a Google calendar and you can set up notifications on your phone for a daily reminder to start your day with positivity.

Pair that with a good strong cup of coffee, and I can’t even imagine how far you’ll go. 😉

Just remember to use your focus for good and not on a Netflix marathon that would make your mama blush. 

And always, always, remember to invest in yourself and you will never regret a single investment. 

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