Setting Up Family Sharing on iOS and Reasons Why Parents Should Use the Family Sharing Feature.

The Family Sharing feature on iOS allows Apple users to add up to six users in the private network and share activities like the purchase of books and music, apps, podcasts, locations and the like. Much like its name, this feature comes incredibly handy to members of the same family since it helps family members use the same items without having to create separate accounts or purchase the same item multiple times. 

Many Apple users ask what is apple family share and we are here to inform that the Family Share feature on iOS also has a system that allows family members to add reminders for appointments and keep everyone in the family connected and in the loop about what is happening. These are a few of the many reasons why Apple’s Family Share has received positive reviews, and more Apple users are signing up for this feature.

Family sharing

Setting Up Family Sharing:

If you have been planning to sign up for the Family Sharing feature but you do not have much idea about how to go about it, here is a section dedicated to the setting up of this feature. It is incredibly easy to use, and within just a few steps, you and your family members can enjoy multiple benefits of the system.

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Choose an Organizer

The first thing that you must do to set up Family Sharing is to choose a family member who shall act as the organizer and assign the payment card to the group account. This assigned payment card shall then pay for all the purchases that family members make through the account.

Remember to Upgrade to iCloud

The second step is to go to Settings, choose iCloud and then select iCloud Drive. This is the step where your account shall be upgraded to the iCloud Drive, and the process might take up to a few minutes.

Select “Set Up Family Sharing”

Once you have upgraded to iCloud, the next step will be to go back to the Settings option and choose the “Set Up Family Sharing” option and then confirm the option yet again.

Confirm Your Payment

Once you confirm the sharing, you shall have to confirm the payment and provide your Family Sharing account with access to the payment card.

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Share Locations

The final step to set up the Family Sharing account is for family members to start sharing their locations to begin using the Family Sharing account.

Why Should Parents Use the Family Sharing Feature?

There are multiple advantages of using the Family Sharing feature of Apple. Besides saving up costs, this feature has several perks that come in incredibly handy for parents in this technologically advanced age. Let us look into these advantages in this section of the article.

Family Sharing Helps in Monitoring and Makes It Easy for Parents to Track their Children

One major concern that parents have these days is that more often than not, they do not know where their children are and what they are doing. However, Family Sharing can now help them have access to their child’s location. This also helps parents to rush to their children’s rescue in case they find themselves stranded or in any kind of danger. This feature has also helped parents monitor the kind of apps their children are purchasing since the feature asks for approval before any family member can purchase any app. Therefore, the Family Sharing feature has made parenting easy and smart.

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The Family Sharing Feature Helps Sync Up Lives

Children and parents are all busy in their respective lives. As such, they might feel like they are missing out on all that is important in each other’s lives. Apple’s Family Sharing feature comes in quite handy at this juncture. This system allows parents to check in with their children, and also provides parents with access to their child’s location for security, as discussed in the previous point. Parents can stay connected with their children throughout the day, and this helps in syncing up lives.


Apple’s Family Sharing feature is nothing less than a revolutionary move in the technological domain. It has helped families stay in touch and come together even when they are separated by a few miles. Therefore, if you have a child to take care of in this technologically advanced world and have been trying to understand if the Family Sharing feature is suitable for you, read through this article and make a wise call.

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