How To Find The Perfect Girl’s Name

Many parents-to-be are often spoiled for choice: What should I name my baby? Since the choice of baby names is huge, we would like to help you with the choice of name for your baby. Learn in this article how to find the right baby name.

How Do I Find The Right Girl’s Name For My Baby?

Finding the right girl ‘s name is not that difficult. Online you will find numerous suggestions that will make your choice easier. Most of the time you will find the alphabet there and you will get different name suggestions for each letter. Maybe “M” is your favorite letter and you definitely want your baby’s name to start with “M”. There you will find numerous and interesting inspirations.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Name?

Classic Or Rare?

While Lisa, Anna or Marie are among the classic girls’ names, there are also many great girls’ names that you have certainly never heard of. How about Cloe or Enja, for example? Rare girls’ names are particularly suitable if you want to make sure that no one in your circle of friends or acquaintances bears this name. However, many parents-to-be also go for classic names, as they are “timeless”.

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Tip: If you are looking for a girl’s name that is rare, you can also search for foreign girl’s names. Here you are guaranteed to find many great suggestions.

Single Or Double Name?

There are many girls’ names that sound wonderful when combined with a middle name. Examples include Lisa-Marie, Anna-Sophie, Ann-Kathrin or Anna-Lena. If you decide on a middle name, the two names should be as short as possible and not too long. If you have decided on a combination, it is super helpful if you speak this more often to yourself. This will help you to notice whether the two names sound harmonious.

Both Partners Should Agree

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, disagreements can quickly arise. Do you and your partner have certain ideas about which girl’s name your baby should have? If you can’t really agree, we have 2 tips for you.

1. Find A Compromise

If neither of you wants to give up your wish, it is usually better to choose a completely different name. This way you avoid conflicts and can enjoy the anticipation of your baby and the pregnancy. Do you already have the right baby equipment?

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2. How About A Middle Name?

As you have already learned in this article, many names are super suitable as a middle name. Maybe the suggestions of you and your partner are suitable to make a double name out of it.

Attention: According to the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany up to 5 first names are allowed – but no more.


Many parents-to-be face a big decision when choosing the perfect girl’s name. Of course, you want to choose the most beautiful name for your baby. It is rare that both partners immediately agree on the naming. However, in this article you have learned valuable tips on how to deal with this situation and that the name search is actually not as complicated as many expectant parents think. It is important that you approach the search for the perfect girl’s name calmly and take enough time.

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