Pregnancy Test: At What Point Is It Positive?

Pregnancy test – If menstruation does not occur or if pregnancy is suspected, a pregnancy test is used to determine pregnancy. After fertilization of the mature egg, a hormone is increasingly secreted in the woman’s body, which is not found before.

Beta-HCG can therefore reveal whether or not pregnancy exists. By means of a urine or blood test, the pregnancy can be determined. Often, most women resort to a pregnancy test, which you can get in stores or even in the drugstore. But when can a pregnancy test provide a reliable result?

From When Can A Pregnancy Test Be Performed?

If you have a suspicion that you are pregnant, you can get a pregnancy test in stores or even in the pharmacy. Usually, the absence of bleeding

is an indication that there is a pregnancy. Although the pregnancy hormone is produced very early, it cannot be detected in the blood or urine immediately after fertilization.

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It is not until the 4th or 5th week of

pregnancy that the value in the urine and blood is so high that the pregnancy can actually be detected. Here, the urine test is very popular and also reliable. With the early test, a pregnancy test can be performed about two days before the expected period.

With the blood test, which is performed by your gynecologist or family doctor, about a week before the absence of the period. The more advanced the pregnancy, the higher the chance of getting a reliable test result. It is best to wait until your period is due to start.

If it does not start, perform a pregnancy test first thing in the morning. In the morning urine, the hormone is very concentrated, so you should do the test right after getting up.

From When Pregnancy Test And What To Do If Positive

As a rule, the test result of the pregnancy test is generally considered to be very reliable. However, it can also be false negative. Here, various factors play a role, such as a test was performed too early, the amount of urine was insufficient, or even too much, or the test was in the urine for too long.

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If your period continues to be absent, you should do it again, at the time of your usual period, or repeat the test the next morning. Women who work at night should do the test after a rest, that is when they next get up.

If the test is negative again and your period is still absent

, pregnancy cannot be completely ruled out, you should see your gynecologist. If possible, he or she can use a blood test to determine the pregnancy or the cause of the missed period.

If the pregnancy test is positive, this is usually a good sign that you are pregnant. Of course, even in this case, it is recommended to repeat the test again, especially if you are early. The further the pregnancy progresses, the higher the pregnancy hormone in the urine.

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Pregnancy Test Positive: Is The Result Reliable?

Under certain circumstances, a pregnancy test can be positive, although there is no pregnancy. The reason for this can be that the egg was fertilized, but it did not implant and abortion occurs.

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Women suffering from cancer can also have a positive pregnancy test in their hands, as certain types of cancer produce the pregnancy hormone. Drugs containing the HCG hormone can also produce a false positive test.

Once your pregnancy test comes back positive, you should do it again at the time of your normal menstrual cycle. If the test is still positive, your family doctor, gynecologist or midwife can use a blood test to confirm the pregnancy and explain the next steps.

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