Function-Oriented Approach In The Day Care Center

The KiTa search demands a lot from parents. Not only do directors expect parents to call regularly to express their continued interest again and again – the thought that one might interfere with the work with the children with the constant calls has to be deliberately suppressed. Also, the education approaches confuse with a technical vocabulary, which the normally parents become humans does not understand simply. Here, therefore, I try to explain briefly what a function-oriented approach is.

Function-Oriented Or Function Approach – What Are “Functions”?

The function-oriented approach to early childhood education is based on certain “functions”, such as perception, thinking, creativity, or language. The basic idea is that whoever has acquired these functions can succeed in all life situations. In function-oriented learning, predetermined “training programs” are completed, i.e. learning takes place according to a plan in order to bring the “functions” to the best possible development in the children.

Where Does The Function-Oriented Approach Come From?

The emergence of the three approaches of function-oriented, situation-oriented, and science-oriented pedagogy in daycare centers came about through the consideration of the legitimacy of education in general. Called the three similar concepts “didactic or curricular approaches”, from the Latin “curriculum” meaning “run”, “race”, or even “curriculum”, they were introduced to early childhood education in 1967 by educationalist Saul B. Robinson. The main focus of the function-oriented approach is thus on specific learning objectives, learning content and its organization, and the review of what has been learned in order to improve individual mental and physical skills, the “functions”.

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What Does The Function-Oriented Approach Look Like In Practice?

In function-oriented practice, work is done according to a plan, for example, a weekly schedule. Of course, there is also free time for playing on the schedule. Nevertheless, a lot of time is devoted to function-oriented support, and the children’s wishes are subordinated to the learning goal. If the children prefer to draw instead of sitting at a worksheet, the educator proves to be an authority figure.

What Are The Criticisms Of Function-Oriented Learning?

The function-oriented concept aims to turn children into capable adults according to our example, although it is not even certain that they could not do better. In the process, the development of a child’s ego is repeatedly put on hold. In the function-oriented approach, children do not learn to know their needs but are taught only function-oriented, i.e. often “inert” knowledge. If this does not interest them, they do not learn it well. Because they are not built into larger contexts, as in projects, they may not even be able to do anything with the trained “functions” in life. But the function approach conveys that authority is desirable.

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