Diagnosis Of Infertility: What To Do In Case Of Involuntary Childlessness?

More than six million people in Germany are unable to have offspring, even though they would like to. Infertility is the cause.
But how do you deal with it? And why is it actually like that?
Isn’t there still a way to have a desired child?

Possible Causes Of Infertility In Women

The causes are not always clear. However, one third of all women suffer from a hormone disorder or a malfunction of the fallopian tubes. In one in five women, there are adhesions in the uterus. Most causes are due to diseases, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Sometimes The Immune System Is To Blame

Hormone Treatment

In the case of fertility problems, many women take hormone treatments. They stimulate their ovaries in an attempt to trigger ovulation after all.
The hormone preparations are available in the form of tablets or injections.
If the treatment is successful, the woman can become pregnant naturally.


If the cause of infertility is the impassability of the fallopian tubes, medical intervention can help. An attempt is made to restore the fallopian tubes.
If this is successful, the woman can become pregnant again.

Fertilization In A Test Tube

In – vitro fertilization is used if the woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked, or if there are antibodies to the partner’s sperm. The woman’s ovary is first hormonally stimulated to stimulate the maturation of several oocytes.
These are combined with the partner’s sperm in a test tube. Then, the fertilized egg is transferred to the woman’s uterus.

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Other Possibilities

Weight reduction

If the cause of infertility is an excess of male hormones, weight reduction can help.

Stress Reduction

Sounds like a trivial alternative to drug treatment, but it can work wonders.


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