How To Promote Your Child’s Reading Skills

Reading competence is the ability to read texts. This refers to reading speed, for example. It also includes the ability to understand the core statements of the text and to grasp its intention. The content should be able to be placed in a larger context. Any kind of independent learning, is related to good reading skills. It is indispensable.

What Are The Effects Of Poor Reading Skills?

Poor reading literacy has a negative impact on several areas of life. It causes insecurity, difficulty in grasping what is happening in the world, and problems in formulating something. Other consequences can include poor general knowledge and difficulty reflecting on oneself and others. Poor literacy, can be accompanied by communication problems.

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How To Boost Your Child’s Reading Skills

Reading aloud is a good way to start getting your child excited about texts. If this is the case, he will insist that you read to him. Stories become memorable and provide the impetus to ask questions about the world. Such questions form the basis for a fundamental curiosity.

Reading Aloud Has Many Positive Effects

1. Reading Aloud Strengthens The Bond With The Reader

The feelings during a story, are experienced together.

2. Reading Aloud Stimulates The Child’s Imagination

When reading, the child learns to connect the words with inner images. The imagination is trained. The child may try out this ability by making up stories.

3. Reading Aloud Promotes Concentration

However, make sure that you do not overtax your child. He will show you when he can no longer listen.

4. Reading Aloud Expands Vocabulary

The variety of language is taught. Through poems and rhymes, your child will discover the rhythm of language. Everyday conversation cannot provide such insight.

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5. Reading Aloud Stimulates The Interest Of Your Child

He or she becomes interested in learning more about a content. Repeated reading of a story helps the child to do this.

6. Reading Aloud Has An Orientation Character

Your child can orient itself to the behavior of the protagonists in the story. For example, they can decide which action they can identify with and which they cannot.

7. Reading Aloud Broadens Your Child’s Horizons

It encourages your child to understand books as important sources of information.
If you read more, you know more.

How To Introduce Books To Your Child

Books are not as attractive as they used to be. Many children no longer enjoy reading.
Find a book that your child enjoys reading. If your child stores this experience away as a boring chore, books have already lost.
So here are a few tips to motivate your child to read:

Move Picture Books Into View

Place books at eye level and within easy reach of your child.

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Be A Role Model

As often as possible, your child should see you reading yourself. When looking for the answer to a question together, open a book instead of the Internet.
When making a phone call, look up a number in the phone book, or take a look at the cookbook when cooking.

Books Are Valuable

Illustrate their value by showing your child how to properly handle books. That you don’t tear out pages or paint them.

Give Books As Gifts

An age-appropriate book, is always a good gift. Also encourage others to give books as gifts. You can never have enough books.

Visit A Library

From the age of two, you can borrow books with your child.
There, your child will also learn about the variety of books.

Which Book Is The Right One?

In the first year of life, small cardboard books that have only pictures, or at most one sentence per page, are particularly suitable. Familiar illustrations that they can name together (teddy, apple, ball) are good.

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From the second year of life, the amount of text can increase. For kindergarten children, picture books that depict more complex situations are especially popular. This way, your child can always discover new things on them. From the age of three, make sure that the books depict actions and not just conditions. In this way, you strengthen your child’s awareness that the text is telling a story.

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