Edge Protection For The Baby: How To Make Your Home Baby-Friendly

Once your baby starts crawling, potential danger lurks around every corner. Of course, you want to do everything you can to avoid injuries. Here you can find out what you should look out for when it comes to edge protection for your baby.

What Is Edge Or Corner Protection?

An edge protector is a clip-on element that is used to make table corners or dangerous edges on furniture child-proof.

The choice of materials is versatile. Nevertheless, most parents prefer an edge protector made of rubber. Many models are transparent or available in subtle colors. Parents who like it colorful can also access colorful models.

Do I Really Need An Edge Protector For My Baby?

Childproofing in your home should be the be-all and end-all. In addition to a child safety device for the socket, an edge protector should not be missing. When your baby starts crawling, suddenly everything is super interesting – especially furniture. Time and again, your baby will try to pull itself up on furniture or climb on it.

If sharp corners and edges are involved, however, it can quickly become dangerous. So that your offspring can pursue its curiosity and you can still remain unconcerned, edge and corner protection is recommended. This way you can easily protect the most dangerous places in your household for your baby.

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The safety of your baby has a top priority for you. For this reason, you should make sure that you have enough child safety devices in your home.

What Should I Look For When Buying?

Basically, you can recognize a good edge protector for your baby by 2 features: It should be removable without leaving any residue and be as inconspicuous as possible. Because nothing is more annoying than adhesive residue on your beloved furniture.

That’s why a high-quality corner protector must be easy to attach and, above all, easy to remove. In terms of appearance, transparent products are the most popular. The shape can also vary.

Thus, most models have protection that adapts to the edge. Alternatively, there are also round models. Since an edge protector is usually made of plastic, collisions with the edge are thus reliably cushioned.

In most cases, an edge protector is made of foam. This material is particularly suitable for cutting the edge protection individually to the appropriate place. Unfortunately, for this reason, it is also the more conspicuous.

For window sills, but also for some furniture, it is nevertheless perfectly suitable. A rubber edge protector is also great for protecting your baby. Many parents complain that corner protectors do not stick well enough to the furniture. Babies also often tend to take off the interesting part of the furniture.

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Tip: Before gluing, make sure that the surface of the furniture is dry and free of grease. You will see – the edge protector will stick much better.

Is An Edge Protector Enough For The Baby? More Tips For A Child-Proof Home

  • Make sure that alcohol, cleaning agents or other chemicals never come anywhere near your baby. A safe place would be, for example, high up in a cupboard.
  • Small items that your baby might swallow should also be put away as soon as possible. The same applies to plastic bags.
  • Even if they are nice to look at – refrain from using poisonous plants.
  • Pulling on tablecloths seems to cause a special temptation in children and babies. Especially if there are dishes on them. This can lead to quite severe injuries. Tip: Simply leave out the tablecloth and use coasters.
  • It’s not just small furniture that needs edge protection. You should also think about the child safety lock for the cabinet. If the furniture is not secured well enough, it can have pretty bad consequences.
  • Install window locks – especially if your baby can already walk.
  • For further protection, so-called configuration grids are a good idea. These can be attached to dangerous places such as the stairs.

This Is How You Can Additionally Ensure Optimal Safety

In addition to the classic edge protection for furniture, there are other ways in which you can childproof your household.

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Stove Guard

In general, you should only use the back of the stove when cooking. If your baby should really reach onto the stovetops, there is no danger. Alternatively, you can also use a stove guard.

A stove safety guard prevents your baby from getting burned on red-hot stove plates. Stove guards with a switch guard are particularly good. This also prevents your baby from turning the knobs.

Tip: To prevent the oven from opening, there is also an oven door stop.

Door Guard

When your baby goes on a journey of discovery, nothing is safe from him. Doors and cupboards are particularly tempting in most cases. It becomes dangerous when, for example, cupboards with dangerous contents are opened or your baby approaches stair landings.

Staircase Safety Gate

The curiosity of your baby and the danger of stairs is not a good combination. It can fall or get caught between the steps. Attention: When buying a stair guard, make sure that the longitudinal bars have a maximum distance of 10 centimeters.

Child Safety Lock For The Socket

Babies are not yet able to assess the danger of electric current – that’s obvious. It is particularly dangerous when metal objects come into contact with the socket. If you want to protect your baby in every way, your home should be equipped with sufficient socket protectors.

Edge Protection For Babies: Pros And Cons

As you already know, edge or corner protection is enormously important for the safety of your baby. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages hidden behind the practical little helpers.

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  • Round corners and edges.
  • Cushions sharp corners.
  • Can be easily attached.


  • Must be purchased in large quantities.
  • Can be seen as a toy by your baby.
  • Can leave unsightly adhesive residue.

Most babies find a corner or edge protectors very interesting. They may try to remove them from the furniture. For starters, you should always keep an eye on your baby. It also makes the most sense to use an edge protector with double-sided adhesive tape.

For Which Furniture Is Edge Protector Suitable?

An edge protector for your baby is available for many pieces of furniture. Moreover, they also decide in the form. The typical edge protector protects edges, such as stair edges.

In addition, the edge protector for your baby can be used for the following areas:

  • Window sill.
  • Bed edge.
  • Cabinet edges.
  • Table edge.
  • Step edge.

Edge Protectors For Baby: Conclusion

When your baby starts crawling or even walking, it is high time to get an edge protector for your baby. First attempts to walk are often bumpy. So your baby will try to pull himself up everywhere.

For pieces of furniture or other potential dangers in the house should be provided accordingly for a suitable child safety device. The construction of an edge protector provides optimal cushioning for edges and furniture. An edge or corner protector can be installed just about anywhere and will keep your baby from serious injury.




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