How To Make Social Media A Money Maker

Everyone is on social media in some form or another, but how to make that a money maker is the big question. Whether you are an online presence like a blogger looking for an extra source of income, or you are a regular mom or dad wanting to earn a few extra bucks while you browse your favorite sites, these tips are great for you to begin. Using social media as a money maker is something that everyone should consider in their free time.

How To Make Social Media A Money Maker. If you're a blogger or a regular person, you can make money on social media. Learn how to use Facebook Groups and affiliate links here plus more.

Money Maker = Social Media

For the average person on social media, the following two methods are the best ways to use social media as a money maker. They are predictable, easy to manage and available to anyone who has a social media account.

Utilize local Facebook groups to sell items

This is by far the most popular method of using social media as a money maker for those who are looking for fast cash. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Facebook groups that offer various methods of making money. Many swap shops, craft groups, sales groups, and even groups that teach you how to make money as a virtual assistant are all available with a quick search.

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Look in your local area for a group to sell items you would normally put into a yard sale or classified ad. This gives you access to many more potential customers, and makes it easy to message and make arrangements for pickup and drop off. As with any online sales program however, if selling in person make sure to meet in a public place and only ever accept cash as a form of payment. If selling online, accept Paypal payment up front prior to shipping.

Personally I prefer selling in Facebook Groups over Craigslist or Apps. I feel like people will be more honest and safe when they’re selling publicly on Facebook and you have access to information and personal messages on Facebook.

Use rewards programs to tweet, like and share to earn more

Have you signed up for those various programs like Ebates, MyPoints, iBotta, Swagbucks and similar? One thing all of these programs have in common is the ability to share via social media to earn more points and rewards. Whether it is a higher rebate amount of a few more points toward your rewards redemption for cash or gift cards, these are great ways to earn money on social media.

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Check out every possible rewards program and always link with your social media to earn those extra points easily. You may also want to download applicable apps as available to ensure you aren’t missing any opportunities to share.

How To Make Social Media A Money Maker

How to use social media to make money as a blogger

The following ways are ideal for someone who already has an online presence. A blogger, brand, business, or website can easily use social media as a money maker with methods. The right process can make social media a huge method of earnings potential.

Complete sponsored posts for brands

Many brands would love to have their product shared on Twitter with your readers and followers. There are a number of companies and brands directly that will negotiate with you to tweet about products. When doing this, remember to set a reasonable rate for your time, but also to only promote products you actually believe in. Don’t sacrifice your integrity for a few dollars. Some popular sites that help bloggers find brands that pay for tweets are Clever Girls, Activate by Bloglovin’, and Izea.

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Increase page views to your brand or website with social media interaction

For brands, bloggers, websites, authors, and online personalities fans on social media mean more page views to your website or brand. This ultimately will increase your bottom line and ability to earn more money from ads, sponsored posts, review posts and affiliate marketing.

Promote affiliate links

There are many great affiliate programs that allow you to share links directly to social media. From Amazon to your favorite subscription boxes, like Creation Crate, you can easily use social media as a money maker by promoting affiliate links. Share products you love, believe in, and can naturally weave into conversation or shares on social media.

My favorite place to sign up as an affiliate is ShareASale. Their website is the easiest to use of all the affiliate programs I am part of.

Don’t forget to disclose that they are affiliate links so those using your link will be aware that you make money from their purchase.

Using social media as a money maker is possible for anyone. Whether you have a large social media following or just a handful of friends, these methods are perfect ways to make sure you are making money easily online.

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What are some ways you make money through social media?

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