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The 6 Best Hertha Jerseys – Advisor

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The 6 Best Hertha Jerseys – Advisor

Hertha BSC has become a landmark of the city of Berlin. Already since 1892, the so-called “Old Lady” inspires his supporters. With the Hertha jerseys you can not only support your favorite team , but also become a part of the history of the traditional soccer club. Among other things, you should decide when choosing your jersey , whether you prefer an original or an imitation and which material convinces you.

In our checklist , we have summarized all the important points on the subject of Hertha jerseys for you. You can find the best Hertha jerseys in our product recommendation.

Checklist For Hertha Jerseys

Original Or Imitation
  • Hertha jerseys are available as originals and imitations . While original models are many times higher quality and therefore more expensive , replicas keep both the quality and the price within limits.
  • Original jerseys of the team from Berlin are available in two versions: Authentic and Replica.
  • Authentic jerseys are 100% identical to the shirts worn by Hertha’s players during their matches. Features: ultra-thin and lightweight material, tight and ergonomic fit printed logos. The features reflect the motto: “Just don’t carry unnecessary ballast”.
  • Replica jerseys are explicitly aimed at “pure fans”. The material is firmer, the fit normal and accordingly looser. In addition, the logos are nobly embroidered and thus real eye-catchers.
  • Original jerseys from Hertha BSC Berlin are made of 100% first-class processed polyester. The highly functional material offers top moisture management.
  • Imitations made of polyester usually only have the ease of care in common with the original Hertha polyester jerseys in terms of quality.
  • There are also imitations made of cotton. The natural fiber is characterized by its soft feel and enormous skin-friendliness . Wear cotton jerseys in your casual free time, but not when you are doing intensive sports.
  • Make sure that imitations are free of harmful substances.
Model Optics
  • Hertha jerseys are available in different styles.
  • For example, you can choose between home and away jerseys as well as field player and goalkeeper jerseys.
  • Generally, new Berlin jerseys are released every season. However, you can also choose from older models at a reduced price.
  • Do you want a blank jersey or a version with the name and number of your favorite Hertha player ? Both is possible.
  • You can order Hertha jerseys for adults and for children
  • Typical size range for the jerseys for adults: XS to 2XL, partly up to 5XL.
  • Typical sizes for Hertha kids jerseys: 116 to 176, sometimes you can also find the jerseys in baby sizes.
  • For a small child it is recommended to buy the jersey one size larger – then the shirt fits longer.

Recommendable Hertha Jerseys

We have compiled the best and most interesting Hertha jerseys. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Hertha Jerseys

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular Hertha jerseys for you.

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Current Offers On Hertha Jerseys

You can find the best current offers on Hertha jerseys in this list.

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FAQ about Hertha jerseys

Which jersey versions are available?

Hertha jerseys are produced in different fits. So there are versions for women and for men, as well as for children.

In which sizes are the jerseys available?

XS to 5XL are the common adult sizes. 116 to 164 you will find for children.

Which jersey models are available?

Every season Hertha-BSC reveals new jersey designs. In our guide you will surely find the right jersey for you.

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