These Exciting Developmental Steps Your Baby Makes At 5 Months

When your baby turns 5 months old, he or she has already developed into an independent personality. He can tell you what he wants and what he doesn’t want. Your child also begins to explore its environment more actively. He is able to reach for objects with both hands and feel them.

How old is my baby and what developmental steps can we expect now? This and much more you will learn in this article.

Baby 5 Months: How Is He Developing Physically?

The physical development is progressing rapidly at the moment: the baby’s weight has already doubled since birth. However, this is only an approximate value. You don’t have to worry about a bigger deviation in the baby’s weight. Every child develops at their own pace.

As a rule, your little dwarf now wears a dress size 68. The shape of the face also changes when your baby is 5 months: while some still have around and soft faces due to the baby fat, others already have slimmer facial contours.

Baby 5 Months: What’s Going On In The Area Of Motor Skills And Reflexes?

Babies have innate reflexes that gradually fade into the background as the child gets older. Because of the so-called grasping reflex, your baby automatically held onto objects when you gave them to him. This is for self-protection and is performed instinctively.

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In the last month, your offspring has extensively examined his hands and thus trained his hand-eye coordination. At five months, your baby is able to reach out and feel objects.

The object is then placed in the mouth. This helps your child to explore the object better. This state is also called the oral phase.

In the last few weeks, your baby has been working hard to strengthen his neck muscles. If you now lay him on his stomach, he will stretch out his arms and legs and arch his back. In this position, he will now be able to lift his head and shoulders off the floor.

Some babies may be able to sit for a moment. Be careful, though – the baby could suddenly fall over. Stay close and surround your baby with pillows.

How Do A Baby’s Senses Develop At 5 Months?

At five months, your offspring is sharpening its senses. Whether in the area of hearing or seeing. At this age, exciting developmental steps are ahead. Babies are already born with a very well-developed sense of hearing.

Only the processing and classification of the various auditory impressions is still difficult. In the 5th month of life, it becomes increasingly easier for your child to recognize the direction from which the sounds are coming. So when he hears interesting sounds, he turns in the corresponding direction.

This allows for new and fun games. Your child is now also able to distinguish between different pitches and recognize voices without faces. At this age, it only needs to hear your voice and your baby is already squealing happily. Vision is also developing. Your baby now also follows smaller objects or things that move faster attentively with his eyes.

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Many pediatricians and midwives recommend supplementary feeding at the earliest when the baby turns 6 months. So in the 5th month of life you can slowly start to learn about complementary feeding. Children develop differently – so always orient yourself to the needs of your offspring.

If your baby is ready for his first complimentary food, watch his facial expression when he eats. Babies have very fine taste buds and the unfamiliar food opens up completely new worlds for your child. Emotions such as surprise or disgust may be reflected on your baby’s face.

Milestones In Mental Development

In the fifth month, your baby becomes more active and alert. By now, he can better process the impressions from his environment. He even deals with the laws of physics. Your child now gradually realizes that objects have to rest on the ground to prevent them from falling down. So he learns about the principle of gravity.

My Baby Is 5 Months Old: What Happens In The Area Of Emotions?

In the fifth month, your baby will find it increasingly easy to express his emotions and communicate them purposefully. This makes everyday life much easier, as you can deduce your baby’s needs from his new behavior patterns. However, the independent little personality can also be a challenge at times.

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If he doesn’t like something, such as changing diapers, he will make this clear with frustrated whining. If it doesn’t like something, it will simply let its mouth shut. Of course, it will also beam and squeal happily when it sees you. In baby’s 5th month, he may also start to strange.

This means that your child starts to cry when you leave the room or when a less familiar person approaches. It seeks the protection of close attachment figures. However, the strangeness depends on how old my baby is. In the 5th month, it is merely a harbinger of the actual strangeness phase in the 8th month. This phenomenon is observed in children of many different cultures.

What Social And Communication Skills Does My Baby Have At 5 Months?

By the time your baby is 5 months old, he or she already has a regular routine and is taking an increasingly active part in family life. Have a small meal once a day with your baby and your partner. The baby will watch you carefully and may even eat a little more himself. It is now part of a social structure.

There is also a lot going on in the linguistic area: babies are discovering skills such as snorting with their tongue between their lips and bubbling. Excited by these new sounds, they can’t stop making them at first.

This is a completely normal developmental process in which linguistic skills are trained. It also tries out high and low sounds and tests its powerful vocal organ by crying.

The baby now prefers to enter into a dialogue with you in order to try out the new range of sounds. A highlight for all parents is the vocal laughter that babies can now produce. You can recognize it among many other children because it sounds distinctive.

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Baby 5 Months: How Old Is My Baby And How Can I Encourage Him Through Play?

Your baby is in a very exciting phase of its life right now. It is learning to grasp purposefully and is sharpening its senses on a daily basis. In addition, your child is in the middle of the first babbling phase.

These sounds are made by babies all over the world, regardless of their native language. Read through the following helpful tips for encouraging your offspring:

Talking And Singing

This month, continue to talk and sing to your baby a lot. Tell him what you are doing and what is happening like “Look, grandma is coming” or “You are so happy”.

Rattles, Xylophone And Playing Music

These things train the listening skills of your little treasure. Your child will respond differently to the different sounds. Be careful not to play the music too loudly.

Putting Your Baby In The Tummy Position On The Crawling Blanket

By the time your baby reaches 5 months, he may have gained full control of his head and be playing extensively with his little fingers and toes. It’s best to put him on the blanket in the prone position so that he can also practice rolling over.

Joint Trips To Baby Swimming Or Baby Massage Classes

When your baby turns 6 months or 5 months, he has already discovered the meaning of daily routines for himself and enjoys this regularity more and more.

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