Damages Benefits: Children With Smartphone – The Right Way To Handle

Our children are coming into contact with technical devices at an increasingly early age. But many parents often don’t even know what negative consequences the careless use of smartphones & Co. can bring. But the often demonized smartphone also has advantages – if you are know-how.

How Long Should My Child Use The Smartphone Every Day

Since you can’t keep your children completely away from the subject, it’s important to approach the topic openly.
Because, if you react closed to the topic, you risk that the children do it secretly. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t allow the child to do too much, especially at a young age, because they often can’t handle all the possibilities yet.
Therefore, it is important to clearly define when and how much the smartphone should be used.

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Researchers from around the world say that children’s screen time is increasing

  • Up to 3 years to max. 5 min. daily.
  • From 4-6 years to max. 20 min. daily.
  • From 7-10 years to max. 45min. daily.

should be limited.
Children under 2 should ideally not use smartphones at all.

Too Much Smartphone Use Leads To Long-term Harm

It is also rather harmful to the child to sit in front of the smartphone and the like at certain times of the day. Directly after getting up, at mealtimes, and before going to bed, the cell phone should be strictly avoided!

Researchers found out how harmful the so-called blue light is for sleep. It signals to the body that it is daytime and therefore not bedtime, which prevents the body from resting. Therefore, cell phone use before going to sleep should be avoided by setting rules like No television after 6:00 p.m. or the cell phone stays out of the room at night.

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Various providers have launched apps on the market or have already integrated them into the device, which allows parents to both controls and thus also restricts screen time, as well as to prohibit applications from a certain time.

As a rule, one says no smartphone under 12 years and to limit screen time (regardless of the device itself) to definitely under 7 hrs. Especially in development, severe damage can occur due to excessive consumption – yet you must realize how important technology has become in this time.

Damage that can occur when consuming smartphones and co. too much and too early:

  • Myopia.
  • Depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Poor posture.
  • Disturbed image of sex and violence.

Where Are The Advantages

A smartphone ensures that we can reach our children from anywhere. On top of that, the little ones learn responsibility, independence and to stick to rules through proper use. If you teach your children to be aware of how to use devices and the Internet, they will be well prepared for later life.

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In the meantime, the Internet and technology have become an integral part of our lives and the world of work, which is why it is important to learn how to use technology.

Here Are The Most Important Facts

  • Pointing out clear rules and dangers.
  • Choose an appropriate rate.
  • Set times when cell phones are not allowed (such as at the dinner table, at night, or during family activities).
  • Select apps and download them to the child (up to a certain age also with possible filters).
  • Be little on the cell phone yourself in the presence of children and to follow rules yourself, such as not using a smartphone at the dinner table.
  • In no case more than 7 hours a day (on average no more than 1 ½ hours a day).
  • Introduce children slowly under supervision.
  • Internet-capable smartphones only from the age of 12 (for emergencies, a button cell phone is also sufficient at a young age).


With clear rules and restrictions appropriate to their age and an open attitude, a child can easily learn how to use their smartphone while practicing responsibility. Therefore, technology at a young age is positive and can even benefit the child.

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My conclusion: Always Approach Everything Openly And Create Trust

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