Eating Right For Two – Tips On Nutrition During Pregnancy

The old adage of “eating for two” only works to a limited extent, because often the saying is implemented incorrectly. Only from the fourth month of pregnancy, the body needs more calorie intake. Here we talk about a 10% increased need for calories, so about 250 kcal – so as you can see, you do not eat for two in terms of quantity. However, women should pay attention to a few things when it comes to nutrition during pregnancy.

Eating for two refers to the increased need for minerals and nutrients. – From the start of pregnancy, this need increases massively! It is, therefore, all the more important to know which nutrients are important and must be sufficiently available for mother and child through a balanced diet.

The Plus Of Nutrients For Pregnant Women:

This is how much more you should take in percentage terms. Especially iron is very important during pregnancy!

  • Folic acid ( + 30 %).
  • Zinc ( + 5 %).
  • Calcium ( + 30 %).
  • Protein ( + 20 %).
  • Vitamin B2 ( + 36 %).
  • Iodine ( + 15 %).
  • Iron ( + 100 %).
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Folic Acid – For Healthy Offspring

Folic acid is of particular importance during the first three months of pregnancy. Folic acid is absolutely essential for the healthy development of the fetus! If there is a folic acid deficiency, there is a risk that the central nervous system of the fetus will not develop healthily. In cases of hardship, malformations may occur. A balanced diet supplies the body with folic acid, but you should play it safe and take folic acid tablets. Usually, the gynecologist advises this in detail. It is also recommended to take them during the baby planning phase. – Thus, the body is perfectly supplied with folic acid from the beginning.

Foods That Pregnant Women Should Avoid:

  • Raw or undercooked meat and raw fish: absolutely taboo, as these may contain listeria and toxoplasma.
  • Prohibited: Sushi and tartar, salami, spreadable sausage and smoked meat.
  • Raw milk products may contain listeria.
  • Prohibited: Camenbert, Brie, Gogonzola, sheep and goat cheese as well as sour milk cheese & ricotta.
  • Safe: cheese made from pasteurized milk (always study ingredients carefully).
  • Eggs: as a precaution, eggs should only be consumed cooked through (risk of salmonella).
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If you take this advice to heart, take care of yourself and your child, and treat yourself to something, you will enjoy the 9 months of pregnancy and stay healthy.

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