Every Child Should Have Citizenship

Do you have a child’s identity card? Most certainly. If you take a look at it, you will see which ones you have Citizenship You have. Unfortunately, there are currently many children, especially refugee children, who have no citizenship. And that is not good.

Citizenship Demanded All Children

That’s why the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has called in recent days for every child to have the right to citizenship. Without citizenship, in fact, every person, whether child or adult, has problems because without this citizenship you also have no rights. Children without it are also called stateless.

Why Are There Children Without Citizenship?

You will surely think now, how there can be such a thing. After all, every person is born in a certain country. Why does it have then no citizenship? Here in Germany, every child that is born gets a Birth certificate. Let your parents show you yours. Unfortunately, there are many countries in the world where this is not the case and the birth has not been officially confirmed. Especially in the case of refugee children, this is often the case, because, for example, children from Syria only get this citizenship transferred from their father. But if now, for example, a child is born in a refugee camp and the father is not there, then there are also no official documents for this child and therefore no citizenship.

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Big Problems Without Citizenship

Without citizenship, these children can face big problems. For example, they cannot go to a doctor or would have to pay for it themselves. Also for the registration at a school, this is needed and later they do not get a job. Therefore, those who do not have citizenship as a child can only have problems throughout their lives. That’s why now it is demanded that every child gets it. I think this is a good idea.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Citizenship denotes the rights and obligations of a natural person arising from citizenship in the state to which he or she belongs.

The Birth certificate is an official certificate of birth of a person. In this certificate the name, sex, date, and place of birth are recorded and who the parents are. The birth certificate is also proof of citizenship.

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