Make-up Off! Everything You Need To Know About Make-up

Girls love to experiment with their own beauty. Even those girls who are not vain, can spend hours in front of the mirror and try new hairstyles. Hair bands, barrettes and other accessories are tried out and combined to create new looks. This is fun and an activity that most girls pursue more or less intensively.

With time, make-up also becomes more and more interesting. Because everywhere you look you see people wearing makeup: On television, in movies and magazines. We also encounter made-up people on the street – it almost seems as if all women of a certain age powder and brush themselves to look better.

Depending on skin type and allergies, however, this can sometimes lead to unpleasant reactions. Pustules, rashes and redness are a clear indication of intolerance and should be taken seriously as such.

Because make-up plays a major role in the lives of many teenagers, we would like to dedicate an article entirely to this topic today.

What Is Natural Beauty?

Every person perceives something different as beautiful. Most of the time, our own preferences (especially when it comes to choosing a partner) have to do with how we experienced our parents. Unconsciously, we take our cues from them in terms of our own style and what we like.

Although beauty is Subjective, there are certain characteristics that all people find equally beautiful. By the way, something is called subjective when not everyone feels the same way about it and something depends on the observer.

We all like faces that are symmetrical on the one hand, and on the other hand have a few small peculiarities. An even complexion and a symmetrical face alone are not enough to be considered beautiful. Because such a sight is boring and does not remain in our memory. People who have small dimples, moles, or other features look far more attractive. If the eyes are emphasized with dark makeup and the eyebrows are plucked a little, then you look a little more well-groomed.

In addition, we like it when our counterpart has the cleanest, most even skin possible. As far as the figure of the current beauty ideal is concerned, too much body fat is perceived as disadvantageous. We like slim people who look athletic. Women should still have curves and not be too skinny, while men are allowed to be muscular and wear a beard.

If you turn on the TV, you are almost exclusively presented with people who correspond exactly to this ideal. Mostly, however, these people are heavily made up and cleverly conceal excess pounds on their hips with appropriate clothing (body shapers). Most of them are no longer that pretty when you meet them outside of television, i.e. “in the flesh”.

But that is exactly what natural beauty is. We call people natural beauties when they look good even without a lot of makeup and cheating. Natural prettiness also includes an appropriate, positive aura. People with drooping mouth corners, who constantly look depressed, look less pretty than radiant positive thinkers.

Natural beauty also includes looking one’s age. People are allowed to age. Because naturally beautiful people are pretty despite their wrinkles and gray hair. Likewise, it’s okay for younger kids to still look a little more childlike because (in the case of girls), for example, their breasts haven’t grown much yet. People who are pretty inside and out can confidently stand by who they are. And that’s what makes them so distinctive.

No Natural Beauty: The Faces In The Media Are Not Real

Did you know that hardly any celebrities look the same in real life as they do on TV? As you have already read, there are many ways to trick and conceal. No one has perfectly even skin unless makeup is involved.

This cheating sometimes even goes far beyond makeup and body shapers. By means of photo and video manipulation, pictures are reworked afterward on the PC. In this way, people can be made to appear slimmer and altogether prettier than they actually are.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind that what you see in the media is rarely reality. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to look like a supermodel. Because that’s simply impossible, because even the supermodels on TV don’t look as good as you always think they do.

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Discreet Make-up To Emphasize Your Own Features

You must not misunderstand our opinion on make-up, clothes and co. though. Because it is not our intention to demonize these things from scratch. Quite the opposite. Especially when it comes to make-up, it’s important to find the right balance. If you use a concealer to cover pimples or emphasize your eyes with a subtle kohl, then there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you’re old enough for it.

Of course, every one of us adult women (and we claim: really everyone!) has secretly put on makeup in our early teens and looked like a clown afterwards. I guess you have to go through that to realize: less is more!

Let me tell you that it doesn’t look grown-up at all if you overdo it with eyeshadow and blush to such an extent that your eyes fall out just by looking at them. You can try a little at home to develop a feeling for what looks good and what does not. Flashy colors and extremely dark eye paint will make you stand out among the others. If you’re just being yourself, however, you certainly don’t need to run around with tons of makeup to be special.

Makeup should basically serve the purpose that you can conceal small blemishes with it and highlight your facial features. We women like to do that and therefore it is – in moderation – also completely okay.

If you want to use make-up as a foundation, then please go to the cosmetics department of a drugstore and ask for advice on which product best suits your skin tone. Especially with make-up, you don’t notice it yourself if the product doesn’t match your complexion. You can spend a few euros more on good makeup. The result not only looks better but is often more gentle on the skin than cheap cosmetics. Use your make-up all the more sparingly and refrain from smearing yourself every day.

Use Natural Cosmetics In Moderation

Today, there are various natural cosmetics branded products in all drugstores and perfumeries. They have now even become quite inexpensive and are thus a real alternative to the usual brands that do not care about animal welfare and harmless ingredients. What animal welfare has to do with cosmetics? Just as with medicines, cosmetics must also be tested in advance before they can be put on the market. Because this procedure on humans is more time-consuming and expensive, cosmetic products are tested on animals by exposing them to some of the ingredients. It is not uncommon for them to react allergically and be subjected to unimaginable suffering. We think that this is not fair, because the animals cannot defend themselves against it and are not asked whether this treatment is right for them.

Many natural cosmetics manufacturers do not test on animals. As you can see, this is also not absolutely necessary, because these same manufacturers also put their products on the market. Although not tested on animals, these products are usually better tolerated than “normal” cosmetic products.

In order to protect the health of consumers, a number of harmful ingredients are not used in the production of natural cosmetics. So by buying such products, you are not only contributing to animal welfare, but also doing something good for yourself.

Of course, the same applies to natural cosmetics: less is more! Use it sparingly and don’t overdo it with makeup.

When Should Girls Be Allowed To Put On Makeup?

Hollywood celebrities show how it’s done: even little girls are made up as fashion dolls, wear glitter handbags and high-heeled shoes.

Often, kids are happy to go along with this because they love dressing up. This allows them to slip into the role of adults and see the world from a different perspective. Nevertheless, kids shouldn’t really have to pay attention to their appearance, but should enjoy carefree play in the mud, snow or sand.

Do what you enjoy and don’t let anyone tell you that you should pay more attention to your appearance. Kids and teenagers should not be restricted when playing and romping. It would be a shame to miss out on all the experiences you could gain, all the wonderful hours in the fresh air.

Makeup should really only be for adults – just like coffee or alcohol. If someone in your class starts over-styling, it’s best not to let it affect you. Most guys don’t care if girls put on makeup or not anyway. They go for naturally pretty young ladies who aren’t afraid to break a fingernail.

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Of course, for some, it’s a relief to be able to make those pesky pimples from puberty seem less bad with concealer. That in and of itself is not a mistake.

As for eyeliner, mascara and kohl, please discuss with your parents what they think about it. Agree with them on what is okay and what is going too far to avoid arguments. Before the age of 15, however, you should generally refrain from attaching too much importance to your styling. Rather take care of more important things like friendship and hobbies.

First Try Or Daily Make-up?

Trying out a little and putting on makeup every day are not the same thing. Kids are curious because it’s in their nature to explore the world. That’s why even younger kids want to put on makeup and mommy’s shoes for fun. It’s fun and can be really whimsical.

However, once you feel like you have to put on makeup every time you leave the house, you’re limiting yourself. Kids and teens should be confident enough to go without it for as long as they can. And, let’s face it: with most kids and teens, it looks a little embarrassing when they put on makeup. Why? Because they are simply much too young for it and still have a childlike appearance that cannot be covered with makeup.

“But The Others May Also”

When talking to your parents, it’s quite possible that you’ll bite on granite. Most moms and dads are not very happy when their offspring starts wearing makeup. The most frequent argument on the part of the children is then “But the other girls in my class are already allowed to put on makeup!”

Why should you take your cue from the others? Do what you really want to do! Be honest with yourself. Do you feel better when you are made up? Or does the make-up leave an unpleasant feeling on your skin?

Make-up in particular can cause pores to become clogged and blackheads and pimples to appear more frequently. That doesn’t make things any better. Think about how you feel most comfortable and live by that, no matter what others say or do.

In the adult world, it is important to find your own place. Over time, you develop your own style of dress and sometimes do things that others don’t do. Some women cut their hair short, even though their friends think it’s silly. Nevertheless, they feel comfortable with their short haircut. Others don’t wear make-up all their lives because they can’t stand it or find it unpleasant. You see: it’s not childish at all not to wear makeup.

No matter who you are and how you present yourself to the outside world: feel good in your skin! Then you will also radiate this well-being and be able to appear more confident. This, in turn, is especially attractive to boys, believe it or not!

Enjoy Your Childhood

You’ve probably heard many times that you should take your time and enjoy your childhood. You hear this so often because there’s actually some truth to it. Elaborately styling yourself and constantly taking care of your appearance can be really exhausting. Sooner or later in the course of your adult life, minor problem areas will appear on your body that you try to conceal. As long as you can do without that, you’ll save yourself a lot of effort by just being yourself.

By the way, there’s a difference between body care and styling. It’s important to take care of yourself regularly by trimming your nails, tweezing your eyebrows a bit if they’re growing too wild, grooming and cutting your hair, and washing your body. All this falls under the term body care. It is necessary in order not to smell unpleasant or to appear unkempt to others. Regular body care shows: I pay attention to my appearance and want to feel good!

Styling, on the other hand, goes beyond body care. If you style yourself, you make yourself look as good as possible. A lot of products like hairsprays and cosmetics are used. To style yourself you need a lot of time and some money to get a lot of drugstore products and apply them. There is nothing wrong with occasional styling. After all, it is in the nature of women (and some men) to “make themselves pretty”. But if you have to style yourself all the time because you’re used to it, then it becomes exhausting.

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Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves how much they want to style themselves. Basically, kids should spend their time elsewhere.

What You Should Pay Attention To When Using Make-up

Despite all the disadvantages, it is good that make-up exists. For some women, this is the only way to find themselves pretty enough. By this we mean, for example, accident victims with singed eyebrows, which can look a bit more natural again with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

If you’ve agreed with your parents that you can wear (discreet) makeup, however, there are still a few things to keep in mind.

Allergens And Harmful Substances

Make-up can’t really be a bad thing, you might think at first glance. But if you take a second look at the label of a cosmetic product, this opinion can change very quickly. Most ingredients of conventional cosmetics are anything but natural. Many of them cannot even be pronounced.

It is not uncommon for these substances to be extremely dangerous if they are brought into contact with the skin over a long period of time. Nevertheless, they are not banned. Why?

The European Cosmetics Regulation already includes about a thousand banned substances that may no longer be found in cosmetics in the EU area. But not all dangerous substances are listed in it. Among them, for example, are the so-called parabens. They act very similarly to hormones and can therefore massively restrict the ability to reproduce. In girls, for example, this can lead to premature puberty.

Dyestuffs containing aromatic amines are even considered carcinogenic and in some cases have a high allergy potential.

In addition to these two risk groups, there are also nanoparticles. These are very small particles that are used in sun creams and reflect light like small mirrors and are supposed to kill germs in other cosmetics. But because these particles are so tiny, they can potentially penetrate the skin. What’s more, they eventually enter our organism. There, it could lead to weakening of the organs or even cancer. Numerous animal experiments prove that this is no fairy tale.

Remove Make-up Before Going To Bed

Make-up on your skin prevents it from breathing. It also clogs the pores. Over a short period of time, this is not so bad.

However, if you wear the makeup all day and don’t take it off in the evening, it can definitely have a negative effect on the health of your skin.

As you have already read, there are always harmful substances in cosmetics. Therefore, please do not expose yourself to them longer than absolutely necessary.

It is best to use special cleansing wipes in the evening, which also have a moisturizing effect. To really remove all make-up residues, washing gels and make-up removers with which you wash your face are better suited. Some of them have small beads in them that “exfoliate” the face. This loosens old skin flakes and the skin can breathe better. However, you should not use products with an exfoliating effect more than once a week, as the scrubbing puts a strain on the skin.

After cleansing your face, apply a cream that suits your skin type. You can get more detailed information at the drugstore and have them recommend the best cream for you. By the way, there are many products for young skin, which are quickly absorbed and are not as greasy as others. This has the positive side effect that blackheads and acne are less favored. In general, use the cream sparingly. This is easy on your skin and your wallet.

Pssst! Please do not neglect your teeth despite the elaborate make-up removal. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Be Careful With New Cosmetics

When trying a new body care or cosmetic product, be careful (especially if you have sensitive skin or existing allergies). Always look at the label first. The list of ingredients will tell you if there are dangerous substances or not.

First apply the product to a part of the body other than the face and wait to see if redness or a rash appears. If you feel fine after about 15 minutes, then you can probably use the product without hesitation.

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What Does Individuality Mean?

When it comes to styling, you should maintain your own identity despite changing fashion trends. This is individually different and makes up the effect of a person on others.

Individuality means that each of us is different. No one is the same as another – neither mentally nor visually. Emphasize the distinctive characteristics of your appearance. If you wish, you can conceal what you like less.

Orientate yourself also with regard to your clothes so that you feel comfortable in them and can do everything that is important to you. Do you like to get off the beaten path when you go for a walk and explore your surroundings? Then ballerinas are probably better for you than platform shoes or high heels.

While some people like comfortable, casual and sporty outfits, others like it more body-hugging. No matter which style you prefer, don’t take your cue from anyone but yourself. Of course, you can take a good idea from someone else from time to time. How you then implement it on yourself, that’s up to you.

Find Yourself

Do you like to wear jewelry, but don’t like much make-up? That’s good. Is it the other way around for you? That’s okay, too.

When you’re a teenager, you can and should still try things out and change styles. What you liked a year ago, you may find embarrassing today. This is not because you can’t stay true to yourself. Rather, it’s a reflection of the fact that you’re in the process of finding your own style.

Stay True To Yourself

Although you may try something new from time to time, you should live by your own ideals and beliefs. If your parents or friends think that this or that would look better on you, but you don’t like such a thing at all, then assert your own head.

Because you yourself should feel comfortable in your own skin. In order for this to work, however, you must also be allowed to determine how you dress, put on makeup and generally present yourself to the outside world.

You are somehow different? That doesn’t matter. Appearances don’t matter as long as you have honest, good friends who like you anyway. True friends like you, no matter how weird you style yourself. That way you can be who you really are without pretending.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to others in terms of your body shape, body weight, or bra size is something that probably everyone does from time to time. However, always remember that everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages. It is the same with people. Every one of us has his or her good points. On the other hand, there is hardly anyone who does not have problem areas.

On top of that, some supposedly positive things can become quite unpleasant at some point. One example: If you already have a large bosom in your teens, you may suffer from it at some point and want to have it reduced because it hangs and the weight causes back pain

Role Models Are Good, Individuality Is Better

Kids and teens intuitively look for role models that they can emulate a little. This is a kind of orientation to help them grow into adulthood and secure their very own place.

Having idols is okay. However, remember that everyone is different and you will never be exactly like your role model. Look at what moves you forward and try to reconcile those things with your individuality. What can you do well that your role model can’t? What do you like about yourself that no one else has? Don’t lose sight of these things.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words from the text.

What does…

  • Subjective
  • Personal care
  • Styling

2) What exactly is understood by natural beauty? How can it be described?

3) Partner work in pairs: Look at each other for exactly one minute. Use an egg timer or a timer. Look at the whole person. What does she look like? What special features does she have? Then turn away from each other or continue working in different spaces.

Then write down what stood out in your mind and what you like about the other person. Refrain from negative remarks and insults!

You can keep the result for yourselves or read it to each other.

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