In Germany, People Eat A Lot Of Fruit And Vegetables. What Is Your Favorite Fruit?

In Germany, a lot of fruit and vegetables are eaten. This is good because fruits and vegetables are very healthy.

Experts In Search Of The Favorite Fruit

Fruit is something delicious and very very healthy. Since in Germany much of it is eaten, experts wanted to find out now, which fruit is eaten most gladly. First, they looked at the average amount of fruit and vegetables a family buys each year. They found that this amounts to around 155 kilograms per year. And then they set out to find their favorite fruits and vegetables.

Which Fruits And Vegetables Do You Like The Most?

The experts presented the following result: When it comes to fruit, apples, bananas, and oranges are the most popular. And when it comes to vegetables, people in Germany like tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots best. And what about you? Why don’t you write us about what you like best?

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Fruit is a collective term for various fruits that grow on trees, shrubs, or on perennials. There are types of fruit such as pome fruit, stone fruit, berry fruit, shell fruit, classic tropical fruits, and other exotic fruits.

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