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The Best Sellers Of The Handcart – Adviser

With a suitable handcart, the family picnic or outing will be a real adventure! You can not only accommodate your children in it, but also transport luggage such as food, your diaper bag or blankets. Find out here what you need to look for when buying a handcart.

First of all, we recommend that you take a look at our checklist, so you can assess what kind of stroller you need. Below you will find helpful product recommendations so that you can soon start your next outdoor adventure with your loved ones.

The Best Sellers Of The Handcart

We have compiled the most popular hand trucks for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Handcart

Checklist for Handcart

Classic or Foldable?
  • There are two varieties of strollers. The classic model, which is usually made of wood, and the lighter ones foldable handcart.
  • The classic models are very robust, but take up a lot of space. If you want to transport them in the car, this can be problematic.
  • The situation is different with the usually very light and compactly stowable foldable hand trucks. They can be folded to a small minimum size and find enough space in almost every trunk.
Load Capacity
  • One of the most important criteria is the maximum load capacity of the handcart.
  • Most models offer a load capacity of up to 100 kg, some even considerably more.
  • Make sure that the cart can carry at least 50 kg. This way you can not only transport your child safely, but also load some luggage.
  • Especially if you are not on asphalt roads, there are significant differences. To prevent your child from being jolted too much, you should choose a handcart with rubber tires.
  • Rubber tires provide a much better balance and can compensate for small bumps relatively well.
  • Air-filled tires offer special comfort. However, they are less robust than solid rubber tires.
  • Our tip: Wide tires are better than narrow ones.
  • Good stability has top priority when it comes to safety.
  • Here you should not make any concessions and if in doubt, rather buy a more expensive model.
  • In addition, a handcart should ideally have a parking brake, so that it does not become independent on sloping terrain.
Cart With Roof
  • A roof protects your child from strong sunlight, wind and moisture.
  • Although it may not provide the perfect rain protection, it has a lot of advantages.
  • Strollers come in many different sizes.
  • If you’re only traveling with one or two kids, a handy little handcart will do just fine. These are usually 75 x 50 cm in size.
  • Upwards there are hardly any limits up to the XXL format for the kindergarten.

Here you can find the top 15 most popular hand trucks.

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Current Offers For Handcart

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the field of hand trucks.

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FAQ For Boller Carts

What is a bollerwagen?

The Bollerwagen looks like a large chest without a lid, which stands on wheels. Also, the Bollerwagen has a device for pulling, so you can use the vehicle as a means of transport for luggage, shopping or, depending on the product, or even for several children.

From when on child in handcart?

Safety comes first, so when it comes to taking your child for a ride in a handcart, it’s all about individual development. Your child should be able to sit alone and safely and not get the idea to stand up or even climb out of the cart. These points are very important, because you usually pull the stroller behind you and therefore do not have the loading area in view.

How long has the handcart been around?

The handcart has been used for a very long time, since before Christ.

Why a handcart?

A handcart is quite practical, because it offers a lot of space, depending on the model, can even be used to transport several children. It can also hold groceries, plants and more. There are even XXL versions, which are used in kindergartens. For example, a handcart is also pulled and thus protects the environment, no electricity is needed. By the way, there are also great foldable versions!

Where does the handcart get its name?

Presumably, the name of the Bollerwagen comes from the sound that was made in earlier times during use. In the past, there were few to no solid roads, which is why the ride was quite bumpy, it “boller” and knocked.

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