Swap Instead Of Buy: Clothes Swap Parties

Girls, watch out! Have you heard about the new trend of clothing swap parties? All you have to do is get a few friends together on a Saturday night and each of them brings a certain number of clothes that they no longer wear. Take a look in your closet: how many tops, shirts or pants do you find there that you haven’t worn in months, but are still in good condition? And how often do you feel like you have “nothing left to wear”?

Clothes Swap Parties Are Fun And Good For The Environment

The purpose behind this is, besides saving money, to treat the environment with care and Resources and responsible consumer behavior. The conditions under which our clothes are Developing countries are produced are often inhumane. In addition, there is a high level of environmental pollution, because the production of one of your tops in our world is distributed almost over the entire planet: the cotton is grown in Uzbekistan, China, or India. Cotton plants need a lot of water and water is known to be a scarce resource. The top is sewn in Vietnam, for example, and then flown to Turkey, where it is processed using life-threatening technology for a “used look”. Now the top travels halfway around the world again to finally end up in European and North American stores. Therefore, it makes sense to question and reduce one’s Consumption and to find environmentally friendly alternatives, such as the clothing swap party.

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New Clothes For Free

The sweater that you no longer like might be perfect for your friend, who in turn no longer needs one of her jeans that are still in good condition, and so on. So swap what the clothes last. Besides being a responsible use of resources by using clothes for longer, such an evening also brings lots of fun. Your favorite CDs and homemade snacks included, of course.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Resources are called the things on earth that we need, but which are also scarce, such as water or coal or even mineral resources like gold.

Developing Countries are countries that are poor but can still develop into richer countries like Germany. With these countries, it is important that we help them to develop so that they do not always have to rely on help from richer countries.

Consumption is the name given to people’s buying behavior. When you go to a store and buy something there, that’s consumption. Consumption is important for the German economy because that’s how companies earn money and create jobs.

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