The Baby Crib – The Only True Place For A Nap?

" The bigger or older your little one gets, the better you can plan his daily routine. While it is still characterized by spontaneous feelings in the beginning, the daily routine becomes increasingly structured – and is soon divided into larger sections.

In order to have enough energy for each one, your baby needs to rest in between. Until well into kindergarten, a nap is considered the secret weapon against overstimulation, daytime fatigue and flagging energy.

But how do you make it clear to your little one what you expect of him? Tips and tricks for a restful nap at lunchtime can be found here.

High Noon – And Now?

The nap is called a midday nap because it usually takes place after lunch – around 12:00 noon. Oh yeah?! And what about kids who hit their low point earlier or don’t get some rest until early afternoon?

Baby Zimmer

They simply show how wide the nap range can be and are the famous exception to the rule.When exactly you put your little one to bed depends on numerous factors and is determined less by the clock than by his individual needs.

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Your own daily rhythm also plays a role in determining the “ideal” bedtime – because your child’s nap gives you a little time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Many baby beds and cradles offer restful sleep and the little one can process the influences of the day in a soft bed.

In the online trade you have a large selection of bassinets and baby beds, so that your protégé can draw new strength softly bedded.

A Break For Mother And Child

A sleeping baby in a crib often gives you the time you need for breaks and relaxation. How and for what you use it is up to you. You can rest yourself, do the housework or take care of paperwork.

But remember that your little one is fit again after the nap and wants to be kept busy. So, spending your only break of the day doing nothing is not a good idea.

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In addition, your planned actions will determine where you put your baby to sleep. According to popular belief, the bed is the best place for nap time – but this is not necessarily the case.

Alternative Place Outdoors

In summer, a little fresh air is good not only for the mother: sleep in the open air, with subtle ambient sounds, the sound of the wind and buzzing of bees, it slumbers twice as good.

Mothers can take a little time outdoors, and “park” their little one in the garden or on the terrace.

You should just make sure that your baby is protected from the weather and insects during his restful sleep. A freestanding canopy pole with mosquito netting can be helpful.

Even if you are enjoying your cappuccino in the sun with a good book, you should always keep an eye on your little one.

Take A Break And Get Some Fresh Air

If you plan to use the break for a walk, the stroller is of course a good choice. Here, your little one lies safely, is in the fresh air and is gently rocked to sleep by his rolling baby bed.

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But remember the words above: When your baby is napping, he doesn’t need a social program. Whether you push him through the park or through the current art exhibition, he is relatively indifferent.

He also has nothing against an extensive newspaper reading in the café on the corner – as long as you keep an eye on the car and can react promptly to any incidents.

Indispensable: Safety And Small Rituals

You can no longer simply “park” an older and more mobile child. It needs a safe place to sleep that also shields it a little from the day’s events.

But to show the difference from nighttime sleep, the room doesn’t have to be completely darkened for naps. The bedding and clothing may also stand out from the evening ritual.

Instead of dressing your little one in pajamas, it’s enough to take off the outerwear, and a lighter blanket may do in place of the sleeping bag.

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If you wish, your baby can spend nap time in a bed other than his or her own. For this purpose, however, be sure to install an age-appropriate fall-out protection!

Gradual Habituation

Apart from small variations, the rules for the nap are very similar to those for the night’s rest. Consistency and stringency are essential if you want to get your little one used to regular rest breaks.

If possible, always put him down at the same time under the same conditions.In view of the subsequent care by the childminder or daycare center, you should increasingly shift sleep to midday and to the baby’s bed.

This will make it easier for your little one to adjust to the facility and, in the long run, will fit in better with the rest of the routine – because sooner or later you will both have a real “working day” with regular mealtimes, playtimes and rest times.

The nap is the highlight and makes your baby fit for further experiences and open for new impressions.

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