The WLAN Barbie Can Listen To Everything

Many parents and also the Data protectionists in Germany are very excited at the moment. The reason for this is “Hello Barbie” which is connected to the Internet via WLAN. This doll can record conversations and other people can listen to them. The doll is equipped with a microphone, loudspeaker, and WLAN connection and therefore this is Eavesdropping possible. Hello, Barbie can also ask questions and give correct answers.

Why Can Be Overheard

The toy doll has the ability to record voices and these voices are then forwarded to a Server on the Internet. With a special program that can recognize voices, the manufacturer Mattel, which builds these dolls, learns everything about the children who own such a Barbie doll. They can even determine what your dog or cat’s name is. Of course, parents don’t like that, and you might not like it either if other people can hear everything that is spoken in your child’s room.

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Maybe The Doll Will Not Go On Sale

In the USA, this doll was introduced at the Toy Fair in February. It is planned that you can then buy Hello Barbie in our country this fall. But maybe the sale will be banned because more and more people are very worried about this doll and what it can do. If it is not banned, then you just should not buy this doll, because this toy is not so really great.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Data privacy activists are people who work at a government agency and their job is to protect the privacy of you, your parents, and everyone else.

They talk about Eavesdropping when strangers with technical devices try to listen in on other people’s conversations without them knowing anything about it and would not allow it.

A Server is a very large computer on which a lot of data is stored. If you enter a question on the Internet, for example, a server somewhere in the world provides the correct answer.

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A Toy Fair is a large exhibition of many manufacturers who show their latest toys there, which can then be bought later in the store.

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