Ultrasound During Pregnancy: How Often?

Ultrasound during pregnancy can detect and prevent complications at a very early stage in today’s world. Ultrasound is considered safe for the baby and does not disturb it. However, it is recommended that ultrasound examinations be performed only by specialists. By means of ultrasound during pregnancy, the baby and its growth and development can be tracked very well. Using sonography, your gynecologist can also calculate the delivery date and determine whether it is a singleton or multiple pregnancies. A pregnant woman has several appointments with her gynecologist during pregnancy, including major screenings with ultrasound.

Ultrasound In Pregnancy: Use In Major Screening Examinations

A total of three major screening examinations are scheduled during pregnancy, which includes the use of ultrasound. The costs for these extensive examinations, which not only examine the mother but also the baby in detail, are covered by health insurance. The first check-up takes place between the ninth and 12th week of pregnancy, the second in the second trimester (19-22 weeks), and the last in the last trimester (29-31 weeks). At each of these examinations, mom’s weight, blood pressure, and also urine are checked. By palpating the abdominal wall, the fundal position of the uterus can be determined. Ultrasound can then be used to check how the baby is lying, how big it is and how it is developing. In addition, of course, heart activity is checked. Of course, the gynecologist also takes a look at the position of the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid. By means of ultrasound, parents also find out the sex of their child (usually at the second check-up) and whether they are having one or more babies. The basic ultrasound examination is used during these preventive examinations.

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Ultrasound During Pregnancy: More Often If Necessary

During the second major check-up in the second third of pregnancy (19-22 weeks), the expectant mother can also take advantage of an extended ultrasound examination. Here, the baby is examined in detail in order to detect or exclude malformations and complications. The basic ultrasound examination includes the screening of head and abdominal circumference, length of the femur, the position of the placenta, and the development of the baby in terms of height and weight. If the expectant mother takes advantage of the extended basic ultrasound examination, the chest and heart are also examined in detail. It is determined whether all chambers are formed and whether the heartbeats rhythmically. In addition, the child’s head is also examined in detail. How has the shape of the head developed, the brain chambers, can the cerebellum be seen? The other internal organs, such as the stomach and urinary bladder, are also examined and the development of the neck, the back with the spine, and the abdominal wall is determined. During the initial examination, an ultrasound can be used to determine pregnancy. Basically, your gynecologist will only perform an ultrasound if there are inconsistencies or there are open questions that can only be answered by means of an ultrasound. An ultrasound will not be used at every check-up, but only if it is absolutely necessary. Although the ultrasound is not considered dangerous for the baby, in medicine, only as much as necessary.

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