World Water Day – A Day For Reflection

Last Tuesday was World Water Day. Some of you will now certainly think, ok, and what is so special about it? But this is definitely a day to think about. For us, it is a matter of course that we turn on the tap in the kitchen or in the bathroom and the clear and clean water comes out. If you are thirsty, you just drink from it. But for many people, such luxury as we have is a real dream.

Many People In The World Are Without Clean Water

It is estimated that there are around 750 million people in the world who cannot simply turn on the tap as we can. These people know only dirty and unpurified water. This is especially true in Africa and in large parts of Asia, and these people often have to walk many miles to even find a water source. And they have to do this every day because every human being needs drinking water to be able to live. You have to imagine that in these countries it is so bad that every minute a child has to die because of contaminated water.

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Water Is Not Infinite

In many countries of this world, especially in the rich and wealthy countries, water is used very carelessly and very wastefully. But water will not exist forever and in unlimited quantities. Already in this century, it is possible that water will be more precious than the oil on the earth. Water is not only needed for drinking. It is also necessary for the production of many foods that we eat every day as a matter of course without thinking about it.

Children Have A Right To Water

The UNICEF has been campaigning for many years to ensure that every child has a right to water and is therefore trying to build wells or lay water pipes everywhere in the world where children have no water. In these water-poor and above all also very poor countries often the girls must drag the water over many kilometers into the village and that is very very strenuous. So that will not have to be afraid also once for the water, one can already handle more carefully with it. Never turn on the water and let it run for nothing. Better to shower more than to bathe every day. Just talk to your parents about how and where to best save water.

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Explanation Of Difficult Words

UNICEF is the name of the United Nations Children’s Fund. This organization has set itself the goal of helping all children in the world. Especially in the very poor countries of the world, the people of UNICEF try to make a better and more beautiful life possible for the children there.

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