General Nutrition During Pregnancy

It is especially important to be well versed in pregnancy and nutrition and to eat a balanced diet, at least during the 9 months leading up to birth and during the subsequent breastfeeding period. When you are pregnant, you need an additional 300 calories per day. But that doesn’t mean you should treat yourself to an extra burger or portion of fries every day.

Eat healthily and simply consume 300 calories more per day. In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should take a folic acid supplement, which reduces the risk of neural tube defects in the unborn baby.
Other supplements are not necessary. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. They contain a lot of fiber and thus prevent constipation. If possible, you should avoid industrially processed foods because they contain hardly any nutrients.

Many women get cravings for something specific during pregnancy. You should listen to these cravings and eat whatever you feel like during pregnancy, but not in excess. However, you should avoid offal, undercooked meat, as well as pates, undercooked poultry, and eggs, unpasteurized dairy products, especially soft and moldy cheeses, as well as meals prepared long in advance.

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A vegetarian diet during pregnancy can be just as healthy as a meat-based diet. However, you may need additional iron and vitamin B12 supplements. Check with your doctor.

If you eat several smaller meals throughout the day in the form of healthy snacks such as fruit, this will keep your blood sugar levels constant and you will prevent constipation.

To avoid cellulite during and after pregnancy, you should exercise regularly. This will not necessarily make you lose weight during pregnancy, but it will help you and your body.
The consumption of alcohol can cause great harm to your baby. It is best to avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Coffee, medication, and smoking during pregnancy should also be avoided completely.

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