Preparation For Birth – What Options Do I Have?

There are several forms of birth preparation. Before you decide on a specific form of birth or birth preparation, you should find out exactly what the different options are. Here you can get a brief overview of the birth methods you can choose from and what your clinic offers.

Outpatient Birth

Many clinics, doctors’ offices, and birth centers offer outpatient delivery. Parents can take their baby home a few hours after the birth. In the postpartum period, mother and child are then cared for by a midwife.

Hospital Birth

Hospital birth is the most common birth and most women choose it. If complications should arise, all the means for quick help are available.
The mother is also cared for by hospital staff after the birth and can get some rest. You should find out about the hospital birth procedure while you are still pregnant.

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Home Birth

In a home birth, the baby is born in the family, and a midwife is present during and after the birth to take care of the baby and the mother. When the birth is over, a pediatrician must be consulted to examine the baby. If you want to give birth to your baby at home, the costs for the doctor and midwife are covered by health insurance, just like for other births.

Ask the hospital of your choice which forms of birth are offered and which aspects of natural birth are taken into account there. Nowadays, most hospitals are reverting to a natural birth according to Frédéric Leboyer. Many hospitals also have pools available for a water birth.

Many do not know what name to give their child until shortly before the birth. On the Internet, there are several sites where you can find several thousand first names free of charge. On most sites, you can also learn what the name means and where it comes from.

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Birth Centers

The mixture of the clinic and home birth! Birth centers were created in the ’80s and are popular because of their relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Here, the impression is not of a medical procedure, but of a natural one. They usually offer a wider range of birth options than the clinic. For example, water births, natural pain relief, and various aids such as a stool, rope, ball, or mat can be added.

The fact of positions is interesting. 83% of women give birth lying down in a clinic. In a birth center, the majority of women opt for standing or squatting positions. Here, only about 10% give birth lying down. However, the biggest advantage of birth centers is the 1:1 care of the midwife. She accompanies you before, during, and after the birth.

Unfortunately, many birth centers are closing today due to a lack of midwives, staff, and money. Mostly they are only available in bigger cities.

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Pregnancy Checkups

During the preventive check-ups during pregnancy, the state of health of mother and child is regularly monitored and documented in the maternity passport.

This includes regular examinations of how the child is developing and how the uterus is growing. It also includes examination for the amount of amniotic fluid, the position of the baby, the mother’s abdominal circumference, measuring blood pressure, checking the baby’s heartbeat, and examining the mother’s urine.
Through the monitor of the ultrasound machine, the parents can see their child. In the maternity passport, all the results of the check-ups are recorded. You should always carry the maternity passport with you so that doctors or paramedics can get an accurate picture of your pregnancy in case of an emergency. You can also talk about problems, worries, or fears concerning the pregnancy during the check-ups.

Pictures say more than 1000 words: send birth cards!

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